Agitation For Biafra By Nnamdi Kanu Led IPOB Predates Buhari’s Regime – Samuel Ebeku

Samuel Ebeku, (NIGERIA MOMENT).

I have heard people say, including the efulefu governor of Imo State Okorocha, that the current agitation for Biafra was an instigation by some opposition forces against Buhari’s government and questioned why it never happened under President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEJ).

This assumption is as lame as it is riddled with fabrications and distortion of truth. The agitation for Biafra by Nnamdi Kanu led IPOB or any other group predates Buhari’s regime but have been ignored by successive governments who knew that freedom of speech, self determination and peaceful demonstrations are globally accepted norms enshrined in UN charter on human rights but Buhari’s hatred for Igbos coupled with his myopic and daft mindedness led him into arresting Nnamdi Kanu.

Pro Biafra Protesting at the Niger Bridge Onitsha
Pro Biafra Protesting at the Niger Bridge Onitsha

In effect what we are witnessing in the streets of major cities in the Southeast (SE) and Southsouth (SS) has nothing to do with any kind of instigation as alleged but was brought upon Buhari by his long known Igbophobia that resulted in this miscalculated decision to arrest Nnamdi Kanu.

Remember he who fetched ant infested firewood has indirectly invited lizard to his domain. By the moronic arrest of Nnamdi Kanu, buhari has invited this historic and monumental episode playing out in biafra land. It should also be noted that if gej had arrested Nnamdi Kanu, his government would not have been spared as well.

Let me also use this medium to make a categorical statement. Okorocha has never been a true representative of the voice of Ndigbo and can never be. At best Okorocha is regarded as a saboteur and represents everything contrary to what Ndigbo hold dear to themselves.

For those efulefus who always jump up in jubilation whenever this disguised gambari speaks should learn to be wise as his comments do not command any respect in any Igbo forum. A food for thought.


Samuel Ebeku