Biafra: Kanu The Mother Rolls With Vigour And Joins The Biafra Independence Protest


Nigeria’s problem with Biafran seems to be getting started. If Nigeria thought that the legendary Nnamdi Kanu (the son) is tough to deal with, then wait until you meet the virtuous Mother of the Radio Biafra Director and the Leader of IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu.

Kanu the Mother Joins

Lolo Kanu marched along with other gallant Biafra protesters at the streets of Umuahia today (November 16, 2015). The protest message to Nigerian government is very simple. Release Nnamdi Kanu now and then organize REFERENDUM for the Indigenous People of Biafra to determine for themselves their destiny. They want to vote whether to have country of their own called Biafra.

The protesters are citing right of self-determination as resolved and passed by the United Nations Resolution 1514.