Biafra: What We Want Or What We Need? – Azu Ume Emmanuel

Azu Ume Emmanuel, (NIGERIA MOMENT).

I’ve for long wished to keep mute and watch things play themselves out,I had wanted to lie low and kill my thoughts, but not anymore; whether I am going to pilot the Truth or shy away from wisdom, this paragraphs must show.

I look with pity on the streets and verandas of my countrymen and wonder why we so greatly desire to have Biafra. Why do we want it? Is it because 100 years has passed since the amalgamation? Is it because our own Goodluck Ebele Jonathan wasn’t re-elected? Is it because Buhari’s list is devoid of Igbos?

If we get our Biafra then what happens next? Will Theodore repent and gives his life to Christ, sell his estates and give its proceeds to the poor? Will Diezani become healed of her Cancer, give the money she looted to Orphanage homes? Will pensioners receive a credit alert from Pension Board, after waiting for months without any stipend? Will the bad roads automatically become good, motorable and free? Will our Broadcasting corporations start telling us the truth? Will nepotism stop being a “modus operandi”?

We oftentimes think that Nigeria is responsible for all this pains and havoc but we fail to understand that Nigeria is just a name, likewise Biafra. A new country is more or less a change of name! It’s still going to be the same people, the same greed, and the same cruelty.

Permit me to ask, what of our Biafran brothers who own certificates in political thuggery? Was it Nigeria that gave them arms and sent them to manhandle ballot boxes? No! It was orchestrated by our own indigenous aspirants who deemed it fit to shed our blood. Will Politics become “more deadly” or “less lively”? Are the evils committed in our shrines during elections covered with “Green White Green” curtains? Or is the Nigerian Anthem used as an incantation in demonic covens? Were the lifeless bodies that lie in our streets without their heads and private parts during election times attacked by two horses and an eagle (coat of arm)? No! We kill ourselves.

Truth is: I hold nothing against our beautiful Utopia called Biafra, it is my countrymen that I fear, am afraid that Biafrans will make Biafra hell. Probably, Nnamdi Kanu, a hardworking young man will be our first president. Yes, then what happens after his tenure ends? Of course I know what happens next; a queue of kleptomaniacs will emerge from nowhere to vie for the position, and in less than two decades, we would have become poorer than South Sudan.

Inasmuch as we want to become independent, we are not yet ready for it? No, not yet, not until we save ourselves from ourselves. Not until we burn the robes of deceit.

Yes, there was a country! But believe me, the country our foolhardiness is about to create isn’t it. It isn’t Achebe’s dream or mine. We dreamt of a Biafra devoid of its present citizens.

It is obvious, we only WANT Biafra, but what we NEED is different. We need stability, peace, love, prosperity, freedom, joy, fulfillment and all good emotions in life. However, the Biafra we so hastily wish to create may not have any of those.


By Azu  Ume Emmanuel ©