Buhari Teargases, Shoots, Kills And Wounds Peaceful Unarmed Pro-Biafra Protesters – Chinomnso Awezie

Chinomnso Awazie, (NIGERIA MOMENT).
Below was sent by a concerned EYEWITNESS to me:

“I’m in PH now. The mobile force shot to death some people at Eleme Junction, another set of police shot and wounded another group of people and arrested pro-Biafra protesters. What I saw now is minimum of 10 mobile vehicles with well equipped guns and the mobile force shooting and kneeling down like they are in ambush war,” the Eyewitness wrote.

That is Buhari’s response to peaceful protests by unarmed people; shooting them, teargassing them, wounding them, releasing security agencies on them. Why is he bent on getting this issue that can be settled amicably out of hand?

I pray stray bullets from his boys doesn’t kill a northerner in the process and they blame the protesters, because if that happens, there will be retaliations from the northern part of the country. And then retaliations of the retaliations from elsewhere. And then further retaliations of the retaliations of the retaliations. And that is how the cookie will crumble.

You see what continued detention of JUST ONE INDIVIDUAL is about to cause? On this issue, Buhari holds the key to starting or ending this conflict. Sneer, mock and abuse as much as you want, he will determine if the little peace in Nigeria remains of leaves entirely. History will not be kind to him if he starts a second civil war in Nigeria!

I’m all for peaceful protest. I’m all for peaceful resolution of this situation: if people want to leave, allow them, not force them against their wish. Such brute force has NEVER yielded positive results!


Chinomso Awazie