Chiedo Ekeoma Wins Essex Kent Cruiserweight Championship Belt – Iyke Ekeoma

Iyke Ekeoma, (NIGERIA MOMENT).

“Saturday the 28th of November, was yet another successful boxing journey for my third son. He won the Essex kent cruiserweight championship belt. This will be his third win in the IBA World championships. Although Chiedo (The Champ) is an Engineer in the engine management department of Ford Motors UK, he is also a volunteer boxing coach at Brunel University London where he graduated with a first class in Electrical and Electronics engineering.” Iyke Ekeoma, wrote.

“I call him Dude and he represents that well; He works so very hard to achieve, a trait he showed as a child, when he follows me around doing several things. Boxing is an aside for him, but he wants to continue and see where it takes him. he had a very strong opponent that wont give up, Dude knocked him down three times, and won the belt on a unanimous decision. Congratulations Dude. Enjoy the clips from the fight.” – Iyke Ekeoma


Iyke Ekeoma