Five Hard-To-Swallow Facts About The Nigeria-Biafra Civil War – Anthony Ogbo

Five Hard To Swallow About Nigeria Biafra Civli War
  1. The Nigeria Civil War did not actually end. One side simply ran out of grenades and called for a postponement.
  2. Flying the Biafra flag is not a call to secede; in some cases, it articulates a stand-your-ground ideology about a peoples’ right to be protected from the actions of a hostile government.
  3. Those who claimed victory of this war pigheadedly declined to access the conflict issues, causes, and implications; a blunder that is currently hunting the entire system.
  4. The regime’s handle of issues of Igbos and Biafra is actually empowering a new Biafra; a more sophisticated Biafra where diplomacy would overwhelm ammunition.
  5. Those who claimed victory of this war are still worried about Biafra’s scientific competence; that if this ‘people’ could manufacture rough weapons of mass destruction from remote villages during this civil war; at this time, they can make drones.


Anthony Ogbo