If Biafra Happens, Biafrans Will Not Lose Their Properties On The Nigeria Side – Chinomnso Awazie

Chinomnso Awazie, (NIGERIA MOMENT).

“To all Yorubas and Hausa’s hoping that if Biafra happens, Igbos will run away from Lagos, Kano, etc., and there will be many houses ‘abandoned’ for their lazy selves once more, wake up an smell the coffee; its 2015 people, not 1815!

“If Biafra happens, Igbos properties in your lands will be same as Igbos properties in London, Toronto, Johannesburg, Paris and even Accra that’s just ‘across our fence’. Nigeria would become just another country that the Biafrans have foreign investments in.

“So, what exactly is fueling your foolishness? Do you guys sincerely believe this fear mongering about Igbos loosing their properties if and when we split and Nigeria become ‘abroad’ to Biafra and vise versa will work?

“Understandably, you lot amplifying the voices of the usually silent but deadly Dan Fodiotes will continue your slavery with them. The point you lot miss is this; Nigeria is a SIGNATORY to too many International Conventions that can be used to cripple her before you can say jack.

“The global stage is nothing like the “Ojuelegba and Mile 2 enter Ikeja” confederates where might is right or propaganda wins it. And about propaganda, we are catching up small, small with our own brand, one anchored of facts and truths, making them very impossible to counter!

“So, can you people take a chill pill on our Biafran issues? I understand you guys are scared shitless, hence running around like confused headless chickens, but stop constituting recalcitrant nuisance on blogosphere with your stupid arguments! If truly you want to acquire our ‘abandoned properties’, why cry more than the about-to-be bereaved?

“You are supposed to help us force Federal Government to let us go so that the abandoned properties can soon come? You see how shallow the cover over your insecurities and fears are?” – Chinomnso Awazie