Illegal Arrest Of Peaceful Biafra Protesters By Nigeria Police? – Radio Biafra (video)


According to a statement released by Radio Biafra, “the Nigeria government is causing themselves more problems. Our unarmed people were arrested for protesting the illegal detention of our leader.”

“We are aware that hundreds of Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) members were detained. This protest will continue until our leader and every Innocent IPOB members detained released. Nigeria government doesn’t know what IPOB is made of.”, the statement says.

“One IPOB member is very important to us and none of them will be abandoned. We assured Nigeria government that we will continue this protest. We will apply everything in our disposal to high the tempo of this protest. They should understand that there is limit to everything and they are pushing us to our elastic limit which might spell doom to the contraption called Niger”, the statement concludes.