Is SouthEast (“Biafra”) Just A Metaphor To Other Ethnic Nationalities In Nigeria? – Nnamdi Ukasanya

Nnamdi Ukasanya, (NIGERIA MOMENT).
The SouthEast ("Biafra") is just a metaphor of sort to other ethnic nationalities in Nigeria.

Regrettably, even @55 years, Nigeria remains a contraption where the gap of unity is daily at the peak of its degeneration than a Country of peace and tranquility.

The common denominator remains the Oil and its attendant greed, while the only difference among the Federating units has been the South Easterner’s total rejection of Suffering and Smiling as they chose to be extraordinarily vocal in rejection of the use and dump; nor to be insulted, embarrassed, enslaved, slaughtered or denied their Fundamental Human Rights, as enshrined in the United Nations Charter.

This brouhaha is coming a few months after the worst mistake was made by Nigerian electorate. At least the difference between a National and Regional Party is now regrettably starring at us.

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) managed the fragility of Nigeria with all inclusiveness in every facet of it’s administration with a detribalized Son at the helm of affairs. Today what we have is a Government of the Gambari by the Gambari and for the Gambari with the expired but rotten crumbs left for the pure and applied Efulefus amongst them.

Today all the legacies left behind by PDP that was geared towards entrenching Democratic ideals and harmonious oneness among Nigerians have been practically bastardized within few months of an unpatriotic, draconic and divisive Leadership.

A mere look at the constitution of the key offices of the Federation as occupied by “eminent” Nigerians today, is a total justification that the Federal character has taken flight; a carefully programmed situation, where the offices of the President, Vice President, Senate President, Speaker, Chief Justice and Secretary to the Federal Government became extra-sensitive or too powerful for slaves from selected tribes to occupy, yet we kept quiet simply because we want out.

Deputy Senate President-Ike Ekweremadu, was on hand to trash this louder than crystal in his opening address to Nigerians, during the PDP National Conference of November the 12th, 2015, just for the listening pleasure and eye-opening of some doubting Thomases who remained glued to their blissful crass ignorance as they continue in their chosen selective amnesia that Igbo Leaders are not part of the genuine agitation for Biafra. AS IF ANY PROMINENT NORTHERNER CAME OUT OPENLY TO ENDORSE BOKO HARAM OR THE NIGER DELTA MILITANCY or were they not fully in support behind the scene?

Here is a Country formally known as “Wazobia” (West, North and East) before it was cunningly scattered to meet up the glutinous yearnings of illicit political aims and objective of a set of selected parasites.


The marriage of attrition is basically an affront to human race, a devastation to its existence and a conspicuous aberration to cohabitation of strange bed follows like ours , to the now exposed ignorance of many whose preference for slavery to people they’re 100% better of, remains legendary.

Suffice it to conclude that we were never bonded or blood related. One was originally from the height [F J], while others may claim sons of the soil. The very reason some group of Devil-May-Care in their abnormal gangsterism, could be so brutally heartless to paint cities red with blood of innocent people , not forgetting the £20 to punish the survivors of the pogrom against the Biafrans, yet they hypocritically complain that protesting for self actualization is wrong, but incarcerating an Nnamdi Kanu in place of an Ibrahim Shekau makes a whole lot of sense.

Now we are daily inundated with cooked up vibes to explore other means in place of protest, when they know without ambiguity that what’s going on is a premeditated master plan to disfigure and alienate few tribes who are not worthy to sit at the leadership table even as no other means is explorable or appealing to the self acclaimed lords of the jungle.

A Country of self denial, lacking in sincerity of purpose, where truth is measured with a periscope of the particular tribe one came from.

A Country where equity fairness and justice went on vacation the very day it was amalgamated, which was on the total imprimatur of the self-seeking colonial masters.

A Country where everybody knows all is crumbling, ferociously from bad to worse, yet lacks the will or courage to JumpStart a process that would usher in the desired change.

A Country were from Mr A to Miss Z complains so bitterly about the same Fulani domination yet are soaked in self inflicted suffering and smiling in their bid to struggle for the crumbs.

A Country of quota system- 80% for South as against 1% North- in education admission but the reverse automatically becomes the case when it’s about federal employment or allocation.

A system that was skewed to consolidate on the master/servant relationship while individual brilliancy and meritocracy remains under wraps for fear of the rejected- well-informed taking over or becoming over night champions and heroes of the time.

A Country where a none productive region has 7 States while that of the slaves remains 5.

A people with every knowledge that a Presidential Candidate has nothing to offer but chose to smuggle him in to the detriment of all citizens who now languishes in absolute penury and squalor.

A Country, already divided by a President’s speech as regards 97% his lovers/supporters, and 5% his clear cut enemies who should perish if they care, and you ask why we should want out?

A Country were EFCC is the birthright of a particular tribe and who are the endangered species to be harassed and intimidated by his boys?

You continue to brutalize a child and at the same time forbid him from crying, and how possible is that?

Have you asked why Boko Haram have been unable to penetrate the Southern States and why are they on break since the commencement of Biafra agitation? I’ll need not remind us that the fear of Biafra remains the beginning of wisdom and the sponsors knows that more than too well.

No matter the so called body language or odour, simple knowledge would disclose that if they did it during the military era of 1970s, at a time information dissemination was nothing to go by, why not now that they world is gone practically global and information travels with the speed of light.

And our friends who loves to hate anything Biafra are asking we end not only on reportage but join the protest?

Sincerely I did not join but was opportune to be close to the agitators, as I hear them give some fantastic and soul lifting rendition that took shivers into my spine.

Here them: “How many Biafrans Buhari go kill? How many Biafrans Buhari go kill?

“Ehhhh dem go kill us tire; ehhhh dem go kill us tire, eh eh eh, dem go kill us tire”.

How many Biafrans Buhari go kill?”

After the rendition, I then listened to the account of one of the agitators, hear him ” The so called police arrested us yesterday, during our peaceful protest , and took us to their Station, where we begged them to shoot us instead of wasting their time putting us in Cell, though they released us after some minutes but we are neither deterred or afraid of death, freedom is all we want.”

With this level of boldness and belief, coupled with the massive protest in Owerri yesterday, I must not be the one to conclude that this is a new dawn in our history. And for those fighting hard to either relegate, obstruct or victimize the peaceful agitators, here is the right time to realize that “Igwe bu ike (multitude is power), hence nobody knows the would be lubricants of the impending revolution.

The silence of the Federal Government coupled with that of the Nigerian media is not helping matters at the time being. let’s pray it does not go further than they expected because the blames must be crystalized on their feet.

“Igbos have been the major problem of Nigerians and must be feared, suspected or killed ” but today unknowingly to them, Biafra has turned to be the only road map to the emancipation of other tribes who are facing same ordeal.

As we communicate, other ethnic nationalist are warming up, the Oduduwa wants out! The Middle Belt wants out! The Ogonies are not smiling either.

Fellow Nigerians, my call is simple; this opportunity must not be wasted by us. Here is making a genuine case for a concerted effort to either end this contraption or make it work for the benefit of those that wants to remain, as for Biafra, the path is already chosen.


Nnamdi Ukasanya