Kill Corruption Not Nigerians: The Gains Of Buhari’s Corruption War – Onwasoanya Jones

Kill Corruption Not Nigerians:The Gains Of Buhari's Corruption War
Kill Corruption Not Nigerians:
(Nigeria Moment).

Corruption is hated by any reasonable Nigerian, because it makes the corrupt richer at the expense of the ordinary masses who continue to languish in poverty. It is corruption that reduces the opportunities that are supposed to be made available to the ordinary people, as the rich and powerful hijack all that for their friends and relatives.

For six months now, President Buhari has been fighting corruption, and he has made it clear that the only thing he has come to do in Nigeria is to fight corruption, as he would not like to be remembered for any other thing, but for his onslaught against corruption.

For me, it will be lots of achievement if the President can eradicate corruption from our system. But I do not understand the kind of corruption fight that makes it possible for:

  1. The same set of people suspected to be corrupt to continue to swim in wealth, while the poor are getting poorer.
  2. Federal Civil servants not to receive their salaries promptly.
  3. Many States in the Federation have failed to pay their workers for over ten months now.
  4. The infrastructure is getting steadily dilapidated, without any hope in sight.
  5. Jobs being lost in alarming rates across sectors of the Nigerian economy.
  6. Corrupt people from within a certain political group being rewarded with juicy appointments, while some others assumed to be also corrupt, but holding different political views are being clamped in jail.
  7. Our Internally Generated Revenue continues to drop drastically.
  8. Prices of goods and services continue to rise astronomically.


By Onwuasoanya Jones.