Man Who Trekked For Buhari Hangs Himself Over Buhari’s Incessant Failures – Nnamdi Ukasanya

Nnamdi Ukasanya, (NIGERIA MOMENT).

Nigerians are no longer smiling, yet refused to complain but prefer to die having made the worst mistake of their lives in supporting the present Government.

The situation is practically getting excruciatingly unbearable even worse than envisaged with untimely deaths happening here and there.

First it was in Abuja, then Port Harcourt, and now this:

Learnt from a reliable source that one of the Trekkers for the purported electoral victory of Muhammadu Buhari has hung himself to death, in fulfillment of the promise he made before the trekking competition.

The man here, it was alleged, made some promises to friends and family members in Jalingo, to trek from Jalingo to Abuja if Buhari wins, but will not fail to hang himself in the event that Buhari fails to perform or things goes worse than before.

This man went on the trekking business with every hope that GMB is the messiah to turn around Nigeria , especially when he (Buhari) preached about “stabilizing the global oil market” and many other things like free foods and payment of N5,000 stipend to unemployed.

Having waited for well over 5 months and no sign of improvement as the reverse becomes the case, the promising young man had to take his life by hanging to avoid political taunts and mockery from his friends and neighbors, coupled with an unbearable hunger and starvation flogging his entire household.

What a world!

Fellow Nigerians, my humbly advise is that in as much as the mistakes have been made of which the consequences are staring at every Dick, Tom and Harry. Let’s make it a point of duty to stop taunting those who did the unimaginable in support of the failure we have in Nigeria today.


Nnamdi Ukasanya.