Nigerian Army Crumbles In Chaos: Forces In Disarray After Soldiers Fall To Boko Haram – Anthony Ogbo

Anthony Ogbo, (NIGERIA MOMENT).

■ Soldiers slaughtered in Boko Haram attack
■ Rebellion feared among junior officers
■ Uncertainty wrecks trust and loyalty
■ Buhari fears revolt, orders a zero tolerance

Currently, the operational structures and battle-readiness capability in the Nigerian Army may have collapsed, leaving the troops with little or no confidence to defend the country. A failed strategy to defeat the Boko Haram insurgency has dealt a big blow to the sector with last week’s attack that left scores of soldiers dead in the most shamefully, overpowering manner.

Most middle-ranking offices, it was gathered, are aligned with various administrative cliques, courting politicians and trading sensitive defense information related to the regime. President Buhari, fearing a possible rebellion had put his entire service chiefs on high alert. October 10, for instance, Lieutenant General Buratai, the chief of army staff, visited the 9 Brigade Nigerian army cantonment at Ikeja, strictly warning soldiers to desist from mingling with Nigerian politicians.

Disappointed with a losing battle to Boko haram after months of mixed but unproductive strategy policies, President Buhari had set a December deadline, charging the service chiefs to map out fresh tactics to defeat Boko Haram. This was just three months ago. However, last week’s attack raises doubts about meeting the December deadline, and confirms a long speculated disorganization and a state of unpreparedness among the troops. “We have giving them enough medals, and we have armed them well enough; we need results,” a senior member of the Buhari’s regime was quoted as saying.

By Anthony Ogbo