Nnamdi Kanu’s Needless Persecution – Igwe Emenike

Igwe Emenike, (Nigeria Moment).

It is a manifestation of the intolerant political view of president Buhari Mohammed to have ordered the rest of Mr Kanu. Former Nigerian soldiers in politics always want to prove that they are brave. This is the main reason their attitude to political matters is always full of violations of Nigeria’s laws and arrant thuggery.

What is Mr Kanu’s supposed offence? He dared to call for a separate political administration for his tribe. According to his traducers, he also made requests for arms. Are these enough justification to detain him in complete disregards to his citizen’s rights as a Nigerian? I do not accept that Kanu has committed any crime to warrant his continual detention in inhuman conditions as we can see from his pictures in court.

Leader of IPOB Raises the Hands of Freedom2

Kanu called for arms: arms necessarily are not procured to prosecute a war; sometimes it is for self defense because of perceived dangers. Has Kanu so far acquired any weapons? Don’t we know what it entails to get weapons for war? And by the way what war was he going to fight? This is actually making a mountain out of ant hill.

By the way, why hasn’t Nigeria arrested one Fulani herdsman? They are wielding Ak47s defiantly. Theirs is not just rhetorics like Kanu. They have murdered over 5000 Nigerians across the nation. None of them is in detention or in court.

Have you yet heard of any Boko in court? This why this scenario is laughable. Why are we so stupid and ridiculous.

I think even Kanu may have been working under a wrong perception of what agitation for self management, preservation and protection should entail. There is absolutely no need for war mongering in the pursuit for self management. It is all peoples inherent right to desire and demand for self governance if they choose to.

Almost every country on earth at one time or the other in their lives demanded for self rule. Didn’t the great America rebel against British rule in 1770. How many countries came out of former USSR? It is never a call for war. It is the oppressors that wage war against the oppressed that demand freedom.

It was Gowon who attacked Biafra in July 1967. Biafra simply said they were fed up with being killed by supposedly fellow Nigerians. Gowon with assurances by Harold Wilson invaded Biafra. Biafra has always been a peaceful pursuit. Kanu would not change that. The protesters once again have proven that by their conduct despite, again, Buhari’s provocations.

Sharpville massacres were perpetrated by the Botha regime in South Africa against the black protesters. Mandela only logically turned to armed struggle because of the brutality of the oppressors.

Those who are opposed to agitation for self political management should operate within the laws.

Until, there is an agreement to create Biafra, all those fighting for Biafra are still Nigerians. They must all be treated as Nigerians. Their rights as Nigerians must not be abused. This is where maturity is expected of a sitting federal government. I heard some HausaFulani military officers addressing them as rebels. That is nonsense. That kind of language ended with the civil war. They are Nigerians. To kill or persecute them would endanger more determination.

The right thing at this time is to release Mr Kanu and engage him and his followers in dialogue. It does not show weakness or loss of face for president Buhari. It is called wisdom in governance and diplomacy. Those who are calling for high handedness do not wish Nigeria peace.

Buhari needs all the peace to face the daunting task of governing Nigeria.


Igwe Emenike