Petition: Self Determination for Biafrans in Nigeria – Indigenous Biafran

Indigenous Biafran, (NIGERIA MOMENT).
A petition titled "Self Determination for Biafrans in Nigeria" by Indigenous Biafran has been forwarded to the General Assembly of the United Nations,  President of United Nations General Assembly, United Nations Secretary General UnitedNations, President of the United States and Prime Minister of Israel. READ DETAILS below:

For decades, the people of the South Eastern part of Nigeria who are Igbos, have been facing unwarranted persecutions and ill treatments in Nigeria. At the slightest provocation Igbos are killed, maimed, their businesses destroyed in other parts of Nigeria especially in the north, and the government never comes to their aid or rescue. Thousands of Igbos have been killed in unwarranted uprisings, cold blooded killings, and yet, the government DOES NOT do anything about it. The Igbos DO NOT get compensated neither are the culprits brought to justice.

The subsequent governments have always made efforts to keep the people of Igbo nation subjugated, oppressed and marginalized in employments, appointments, politics and policies. Igboland which comprises most of Biafra has been deliberately denied meaningful infrastructures as a result of ethnic hatred of the people. The census has been so lopsided over the years to keep them in less numbers than the other tribes and to keep them politically and economically disadvantaged. In Nigeria, there are infrastructures needed for development and for improved economy, and it’s only the Federal Government of Nigeria that is constitutionally authorized to build these infrastructures, but from inception, none of these has been built in Igboland. And the Federal government does not show any care.

For instance the recommendations for rehabilitation of the victims of war which was reached after the Nigerian-Biafra war was never carried out in the South East Nigeria but rather, Lagos and other states where the war didn’t touch were rehabilitated.

Hence the region bearing these people is denied of adequate funds for meaningful development making them the least developed region in Nigeria. They are constantly under threat of their freedom and find it difficult doing their businesses outside of their homeland without being reminded they are in “foreign” land. In other words they are not treated or regarded as citizens in their own country.

All these and more are leaving the people of the Igbo nation a traumatized and oppressed people. Hopes of making progress over the years in Nigeria have been shattered without the possibilities of reparations. Most of the poor populations in Nigeria are of these people and consequently their children stay malnourished. Every efforts by several groups from among the Igbo people have been rebuffed by the Federal Government and every appeal has been rebuffed.

A Conference has been organized with a report presented to the President yet he DOES NOT want to implement part or whole of the report, he has rather turned it all down stating that he won’t touch the report. The report in question is one instrument that will make positive impact on the land of the Igbos and everyone else. As it is, nothing can be done to change this as the Federal Govt is not willing to heed to the appeal to rectify the underhanded and diabolical imbalance that exists in Nigeria, all to the disadvantage of the Igbo people.

The only immediate solution is for the Igbos to take their destiny in their own hands and seek for self-determination, though the help of the international community would be very much appreciated. In view of this, we the people of South Eastern Nigeria which consists of Anambra, Abia, Ebonyi, Enugu and Imo States do hereby wish to be granted a peaceful disengagement from the rest of Nigeria as a country and the Federal government of Nigeria for self-determination which will allow us chart our own cause, pursue our own destiny, and develop to prosper at our own pace and desire without external influence from the rest of Nigeria and the government of Nigeria and to be known as the Republic of Biafra.

We would therefore need to form our government to be known as the Federal Republic of Biafra, (or the United States of Biafra) under the leadership of a Biafran. We therefore appeal to all bodies mentioned, the international community, the UN in particular to heed to our urgency regarding this deplorable and deteriorating situation.