Pro-Biafra Protest Storms The Federal Capital Territory, Abuja – Hansome Hanson

Pro-Biafra Protest at Abuja
Hansome Hanson, (NIGERIA MOMENT).

Follwing the arraignment of the Director of Radio Biafra and Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, on Monday, the pro-Biafra activists, supporters of Nnamdi Kanu stormed Abuja to protest in solidarity, albert in a peaceful fashion. Nnamdi was finally arraigned by the Nigerian Government before the Wuse Zone 2 Magistrate Court, Abuja.

Biafra Protest at Abuja

Well the agitation for Biafra is right and not against the law of any land. Biafrans have protested in 102 countries so far including Abuja, Nigeria. It’s simple a step in affirmation of right for self determination as enshrined in the United Nation charter.

The new resolve for Biafra was total escalated by President Buhari’s style of divide and rule system. The former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEJ) in his wisdom ignored Nnamdi Kanu and went ahead to try to balance the heterogeneous country like Nigeria by holding a limited sovereign national conference which was successful.

Biafra Protest at Abuja2

On the other hand, Buhari in his military mentality and with the support of some Yorubas threw this SNC report and implementation into the dust bin. Also, Buhari’s political appointment awakened the consciousness of most southerners that this is not one Nigeria. The feeling and resolved to get out of a country you are not considered in the scheme of things became unquenchable for many in the south.

It is no longer about oil. A lot people ‘will say take the oil and give me Biafra’ because Biafra now stands for freedom. A sense of belonging. If a person want something u want to tell him to come to Abuja or Lagos something that can be gotten at his own backyard.

Biafra Protest at Abuja3

Some government strategic jobs and portfolio are reserved for a particular section of country. Call a security meeting of the Nigerian nation today and you would see how the southeast are totally excluded from the army, Navy, Airforce, SSS, Police, common Civil Defense, etc. At the helm of affairs of the national oil, where do u see Igbo people?

This was the order of things in during the military rule. With the way things are right a Nigerian of Igbo extraction can never win an election in Nigeria nation meaning that an Igbo can never become President. What a way to isolate a people using a powerful orchestrated techniques of voters figure.

Now in democratic system GEJ tried to balance some of these injustice during his administration but Buhari government just turned a sleeping dog upside down in a democracy not considering the complexities of d Nigerian state.

The quest for Biafra is seen as the only way out by its people both small and might. The youth and old. Those close to government circle like Governors and Ezes or the Ohanezes may never support Biafra in the public but let the truth be told they are Biafra at heart and secretly.

The Hausa Fulani may fight to kill.  The Yorubas may hate and aid the Northerners. Army may kill. Police may maim. Nnamdi Kanu may be killed. Many may as well die, but the soul of Biafra will never die again. There is no going back. The fight for freedom will take a lot of struggle but not long for Biafra to come. It will happen like a dream to even the Biafrans. All hail Biafra!


Hansome Hanson