The Biafra Question? – Nnamdi Ukasanya

Nnamdi Ukasanya, (NIGERIA MOMENT).

As a Nigerian, I was born into Biafra, not by my making but by the divine will. No regret whatsoever-a plight I have little or nothing to add or subtract from. Though,was not physical at the time but with the hindsight of my Dad’s experience as one of the Soldiers, coupled with what seemed to be an encyclopedia of Biafra at his disposal; it then becomes a must that I remain well informed about the age long struggle even as it translates to a mockery of sort, asking , if I knew what transpired during the said War.

And the mere fact that the injustices they saw then; advocated for; fought and died for , are still staring at us in an unimaginable proportion, is vindictive of our position which is a direct pointer to the fact that we are living in an unmitigated self denial in a marriage that abhors every wise counsel.

Do I support or appreciate the mode of the present agitation? Too much talk talk without action remains strategically unwise to me and that’s a topic for another day.

Sincerely I have a different view and mentality about our overtime predicament in Nigeria as a Federation.

I may be thinking differently from the norm because I have a mind of my own. Having grown to realize that our problems are not tribal or ethnically based; others may think otherwise, but tribes and ethnicity does not interfere with our thinking faculty, but MARGINALIZATION does.

So making a generalized assertion based on the aforementioned is practically uncalled for. But there exists some individuals who ordinarily would start masturbating at the mere mention of Igbo or Biafra even with every clarification that “Biafra” is not an Igbo terminology, the reason I beg to add to the growing number of persons who view such mentality or thought process as a consequence of super inferior complex.

I would therefore, make bold to declare in this platform, that envy or hate no tribe and I write against no tribe in particular just like a sister accused me inbox yesterday of doing.

My position here is however with exception to the “Gambari” just like I did explain to the sister and and will always categorically state without fear or favour as it’s directly occasioned by the well known “Born To Rule” mentality and the ability to waste human lives in the struggle to smuggle or retain power – the simple reason I remain in dumb founding shock over what really is/are the driving force(s) behind the Boko Haram agitation that primarily culminated to the displacement of a Jonathan by a Buhari from power, irrespective of their well known educational background and the changing fortunes of Nigeria while Jonathan was in the saddle.

My belief in human race is that every individual has great potentials irrespective of tribe, Religion and Region but the opportunity to harness same remains the baggage, as Nigerians tends to be of the belief that power (Aso Rock) is everything to die for without which progress cannot be recorded within the radius of any circumference of their vicinity.

It then becomes so ironic that the said power in Nigeria has always been hijacked and confined to a particular people as an exclusive reserve of which the resultant effect has been the continues stagnation of the Country as a developing Nation that has refused to develop because the less informed have regrettably remained the automatic ruling class.

Suffice it to say that in every tribe in Nigeria, we have the bad, the good and the ugly the reason we have all the “Efulefus” scattered all over the Country.

We have an Okorocha and Ngige in the East of the Niger as we have a Tinubu and Fasola in the West. In like manner, Amaechi and Sylva are undoubtedly holding sway with their “efulefu” mentality in the South South . So it goes to other tribes.


Many of our brothers in the minority North, are crying out against the unending intimidation, marginalization and tribulations while seriously but secretly wanting out of that unholy brotherhood and I sincerely weep and feel for them at least for being too close to the kitchen with all the intensity of the heat as generated by the born to rule mentality. And if had my way, I would have changed their geographical location to conform to the their expectations but who am I.

Back to the agitation for Biafra: of a truth, I will rejoice if any among the AREWA, Oduduwa, Niger Delta, sorry South Southerners or others, eventually gets up today in real agitation for their own sovereignty if it’s not yet an open secret that during the hay-day of Niger Delta militancy, we all pulled our arsenals together in support of the struggle which is based on our belief in an inalienable right for self actualization and well being of her people.

As for Boko Haram, we are yet to get a clear picture of their reasons for agitation that has claimed more lives than ever imagined in the chequered history of our existence , hence our collective resolve to kicking against the wanton destruction and pogrom against innocent Nigerians.

Also, it is a Gospel that I will be among the first to align in support of Boko Haram if the agitation for killing Nigerians is to LET THEIR PEOPLE GO for peace to rain; but alas Nigerians keeps dying in a protest that appears not to have any goal or objective and nobody is asking why but all attentions remains on the peaceful struggle for the actualization of a sovereign state of Biafra without a verifiable reasons the agitation must be put aside in continuation of the same marriage of attrition.

In the light of the above, I see anybody making a generalized statement about a particular tribe like Igbos are this and that, to be either frustrated myopic or has a degree in playing to the gallery .

From my own evaluation, our main problem as a Country is primarily as a result of POWER STRUGGLE.

It is an open secret that the Igbos are not worthy to occupy the highest office in the Land even though they parade individuals who could match any leader intellect by intellect and power by power, the world over. This Power has so eluded us, including others, since the inception of the unholy marriage, with the dumping ground for the said Power, perpetually at the footsteps of the Gambari in total conformity and glorification of the born to rule aberration.

We are then simply confined to worshiping and bootlicking, in clear violation of our fundamental Human Rights. And who wouldn’t be tilted to where power is domiciled in a Country where hunger and starvation is a tool for coercion as decreed by the same people?

I would want to believe that if Power is decentralized or the Confab report is implemented as recommended, a new Nigerian would have emerged, where the Igbo, Yoruba , Kanuri , Efik or whatever Will no longer be viewed as a betrayer of her kits and kin.

The consistent cry of marginalization by almost every ethnic group in Nigeria will give way for other potentials both in human and material resources to be so harnessed for the economic and infrastructural forward march of the Country. Nobody’s ambition would stand as threat or be threatened by another, neither will the struggle to be a President be so profit orienting to warrant the incessant killing and maiming of innocent Nigerians.

As for those distancing selves from Biafra or fighting hard to stop the struggle , I see no need doing so for so doing exposes the characters as crafty and partisan they are. Nobody is compelling you to join the struggle. Agitate for yours while we do ours, as our opposing but genuine demands may yield the desired result.

It’s natural that if you can pray or force your sister to quit an ungodly relationship, where she’s treated like a leper, you’ve got no moral justification to so advise we remain in a relationship we’re treated as endangered species and It’s only a super hypocrites that would continue in delusion that there is love and peace or unity of purpose in Nigeria of today.

In conclusion, I’ll make bold to state that as it stands now, the stage is set for the emergence of a TRUE or DIVIDED Nigeria and the figure to bell the cat remains the question of the millennium.


Nnamdi Ukasanya