Where Is The Radio Biafra Director Nnamdi Kanu? – Onwuasoanya Jones


The Federal Government’s silence on the whereabouts of Mr. Nnamdi Kanu is no doubt a recipe for trouble. Yesterday’s massive protest across many South South and South East States should make President Muhammadu Buhari realize that the Biafran separatist consciousness is being reawakened by no other person or group of people than the President himself and his ruling cabal.

Nnamdi Kanu has never fired a single shot of ammunition and I do not think he has the capacity to do so. He has simply being asking that Biafra be granted its freedom from Nigeria. I understand this cry to be that the Biafran people of Nigeria should be given as much sense of belonging as the Arewa, Afenifere and other people of Nigeria, and if that is not possible, then let us have our own country.

 Personally, I believe in Nigeria, I believe in the prosperity and continuous unity of the entity called Nigeria, but I do not subscribe to the practice where one or two ethnic groups will be deemed more Nigerian than the others.

Keeping Nnamdi Kanu out of circulation will not stop the Biafran struggle, rather it will heighten it, and possibly raise it to the level of serious violence across the country.

The Igbos are peace loving and industrious set of people. In truth, there is no ethnic nationality within the Nigerian nation that has shown more commitment to the unity and prosperity of Nigeria than the Igbo people. Their collective patriotism should be encouraged rather than being taken as a sign of cowardice.

The Igbos can thrive without being in Nigeria, they can grow their own independent republic to become the giant of Africa and the most beautiful bride of the whole world, but majority of us are interested in helping to achieve that for the entire Nigeria. We must not be pushed to the point of losing our patience and taking our fate into our hands.

Let Nnamdi Kanu’s whereabouts be made public, and his offense be known. Let him be charged to court properly and if bail is granted let us know the real terms of the bail bond, there are many Igbos who can stand surety for him.


Onwuasoanya Jones