Biafra: When You Betray Your People The Spirits Never Forgive – Naija Propa

Naija Propa, (NIGERIA MOMENT).

It never pays off to betray your people and their allies. Ken Saro-Wiwa betrayed his Ogoni people by joining Nigeria to fight against Biafra. It is pertinent to note that, over 70% of Ogonis supported Biafra.

As you can see from the excerpts below from one of his articles, because of his betrayal and the annexation of Biafra back into Nigeria, even after Saro-Wiwa tried to make amends with his people for his mistake, by providing them with positions in the new Rivers State Government, they refused to thank him, for it was the least he could do for joining their enemies to kill their dream, Biafra.

Read Ken Saro-Wiwa's statement below:

“Throughout the war, I found that I was almost the only one, of the entire Ogoni elite, who stood by Nigeria. The men of my age group and beyond who have given evidence at this Tribunal or who were listed as prosecution witnesses in the proof of evidence — Dr. G. B. Leton, Mr. I. S. Kogbara, Kemte Giadom as well as the men who were sadly murdered on May 21, 1994 were all on the opposite side of the argument.

In spite of that, as soon as the war ended, I made absolutely sure that they were all rehabilitated, that their positions in Rivers State were promptly secured and that they could begin to make an Ogoni contribution to the development of the newly-created Rivers State. Their individual and collective achievement whatever its quality was a pride to me. I did not expect to be thanked for this service by any individuals. I was not. My reward was knowing that I had done my duty by my country and by my kith and kin.” –  ‘Complete Statement’ by Ken Saro-Wiwa


By Naija Propa.