Biafra Youths Warns National Orientation Agency, “Don’t Waste Your Time And Money On Re-Orientation


The Youths of Indigenous People of Biafra issued a statement saying: “We are tired of being whom we are not, we are Biafrans. This unholy union has never and will never work. Nigeria is built on fraud to perpetuate the resources of the Biafrans. We have a clear distinct traditional from the rest of the country, we have our boundaries clearly spelt out by our ways. How can you unite us with people who have no value for life, whose religion propels to slaughter fellow human beings, people who are not hardworking but lazy. People who have no resource or produce to bring to the national table. People who are interested in our oil and not the owners of the land where oil is coming from. No! we say no, we are not one . ”

“Our infrastructure has been in perpetual decay. We have dilapidated roads, poor hospitals, and decayed academic institution. Why must Lagos be infrastructurally developed more than Biafra land he queried. We are not one and no amount of orientation will suffice. We are under oath, we won’t go back. It’s either Biafra or we all die. We can’t be made second class citizens in our country.”,  the IPODB Youths wrote.

“You need to listen to the founding fathers of your Nigeria. The Sadauna of Sokoto, Alhaji Sir, Ahmadu Bello, he stated and recorded in video which has gone viral on social media, that the Igbos must be discriminated against. He was clearly seen and heard discriminating against the Igbos.

“It’s no more time to beg us, but time we part ways. We have been the object of continuous massacre, where the perpetrators are not not brought to book. Release our Radio Director, Nnamdi Kanu and conduct a referendum and see if we mean our words. Nigeria amalgamation has expired since 2014,” the IPOB Youths stated.

This was in response to the reportedly publiciczed mobilization of NOA officials across the south east and south south parts of Nigeria to calm the nerves of the youths. The story is below:

The National Orientation Agency (NOA) has concluded plans to deploy its officers to aggrieved communities in the South Eastern part of the country to sensitize youth on the need to shun Biafra and sustain a united Nigeria.

The Chief Executive of NOA, Mr Mike Omeri, told journalists in Abuja that state governments are in the process of finding solutions to concerns expressed by pro-Biafra agitators.

He urged the youth to remain committed to strengthening principles that guide national development.

Pro-Biafra supporters have been staging protests in the South East in solidarity with the Biafra Radio host, Nnamdi Kalu, who has been detained by the Department of State Service (DSS).

The protesters, who storm streets in their hundreds.

Although the protesters appeared resolute to continue their march, security operatives managed to maintain the barricade, causing many commuters to resort to trekking long distances as a result of the gridlock caused by the face-off.

Some of the protesters told Channels Television that they would not back down from pursuing the freedom of the one they call their leader.

They called on the federal government to heed their cry and that of other pro-Biafran supporters for self-determination.


Uche writes from Enugu