Biafran Movement: Biblical Guide To Evangelism – Emeka Maduewesi

Emeka Maduewesi, (NIGERIA MOMENT).

I’m sharing this guide which my Pastor used to preach last Sunday. As you read posts from Biafrans or read about their activities, you may identify some individuals who use one or more of these faith-sharing strategies.

1. Confrontational – The type of message Peter preached in Acts 2 is the type of message you hear in Radio Biafra; Repent or perish.

2. Intellectual – Some of us use intellectual style to share our belief that Biafra will be better than Nigeria just as Paul did on Mars Hill in Acts 17 introducing the Unknown God..

3. Testimonial – You may also find those who point at the technological breakthrough of Biafra at war time and reason that more will be achieved considering the current global exploits of those from the former Eastern Region of Nigeria. This is like the man who was born blind in John 9, when you testify to the potentials and goodness of Biafra.

4. Relational – As a Biafran, the way you relate with others will win converts. Your sense of equity, equality, fairness and justice will help convince others to the genuineness of your quest for self determination. Think of Jesus and the woman by the well in John 4. Biafrans, especially of the Igbo stock, have a remarkably keen and true sense of justice and a determination to get it. Let others know they are safe.

5. Invitational – You can invite others to join the movement by introducing them to other Biafran activists just as Andrew introduced Peter, his brother, to Jesus in John 1:40-42.

6. Service/Hospitality – Some of us have played hosts to fellow Biafrans. Many of us are rendering one service or the other. You are invited to do good, show hospitality and serve as Dorcas did in Acts 9.

In all you do, remember that this is a peaceful movement protected by the United Nations Charter and African Union Charter on Human and Indigenous Rights. Due process must be followed at all times.

God bless you as you fight for equality, equity, fairness and justice for humanity.

Biafran Movement - Biblical Guide To Evangelism


Emeka Maduewesi