Biafrans Are A Class Act – Igwe Emenike

Igwe Emenike, (NIGERIA MOMENT).

Nigeria is a dungeon. It is a mass prison enslaved by a heartless political class. It is the most badly run country on earth. It is a very lawless country. It is a country where stealing public funds is the rule while the protection of public of funds is the exception.

Citizen Nnamdi Kanu calls it a zoo. The first person to compare Nigerian rulers to animals was Late Fela. A young man called Emmanuel Udoh said it was an insult to animals to call Nigeria a zoo because some animals were more decent than Nigerians. According to him on his Facebook wall, Nigeria was worse than a zoo.

Buhari said Nigerians were indisciplined. He introduced a draconian regime to purge Nigerians of indiscipline during his first stint as head of state. He now regales the world with tales of Nigerians being thieves. At every stop as he tours the world, he never fails to tell them his country was a thieving nation.

Buhari is right anyway. We are a country of thieves. The only wrong thing is that he never tells them that he is the father of stealing. He opened the door of massive looting of public funds. Did anyone ever hear of stealing 2.8 billion before he was accused of stealing one. Obasanjo, Babangida, Abacha and Buhari share the blame for legitimising the theft of public funds in Nigeria.

These four thugs also share the blame for legitimising the murder of Nigerians. They bequeathed on Nigeria its destruction.

Impoverished and caged Igbo youths decided they have had a heard enough from a country that is doomed on all counts. Without a foreseeable light, they have begun a process of challenging the evil Kingdom. They are a brilliant lot. Only idiots would accept shackles for eternity.

They have adopted a brave and class act of peacefully challenging the demons that have put them in chains. The demons have unleashed death. Their blood is being spilled on the dusty highways of their homeland.

Biafran Girls Killed By Nigerian Soldiers

I sympathise with them. I have no way of being of help. I mourn the young lady who has fallen to the demons’guns.

Gallant youths, stay peaceful and be as wise as serpent. Your opponents are as evil as lucifer.

Igwe Emenike