Buhari’s Media Chart Rated as Incoherent, Inaudible, Unprepared, Uninformed, Disappointing And Uninspiring


Onwuasoanya Fcc Jones(LinkMoment).

PRESIDENTIAL MEDIA CHAT: Incoherent, inaudible, unprepared, uninformed, disappointing and completely uninspiring.

Considering that our President is not made for this time, he can be forgiven for his inability to inspire with his first ever media chat as President.

I am only disappointed because it took my dear President seven good months to prepare for this drab outing. He exposed himself as someone who is not in grasp of contemporary governance and worst, as a President who does not understand the workings of his own country. He is just there, watching like all of us.

How do you explain it away that our President does not know what devaluation of the Naira really implies. In response to the question on the chances of devaluing the Naira, my President gave a response that qualifies as one of the most embarrassing responses from any President.

He told the panel that he does not know which currency to devalue the Naira against. Is it the Dollar, Yuan or Pounds? This response kills every doubt that our own country is heading for the gutters, if nothing urgent is done.

Also on the very important question of whether he has received any intelligence as regards the status of the Chibok Girls, my President told the world that he will be relying on information from a ‘credible’ Boko Haram leadership to know if these Chibok girls are still alive or not. How can a country as big as Nigeria depend on terrorists for simple intelligence gathering?

It is unfortunate that as soft as these questions are, our President is obviously uncomfortable with them and cannot wait for the camera to be off, for him to query Femi Adesina for putting him through this punishment.


By Onwuasoanya Fcc Jones