Greenhorn Finance Minister Kemi Adeosun and Buhari Will Surely Sink Nigeria – Chinomnso Awazie

Chinomso Awazie, (LINK MOMENT).

I got this mail this morning, which reads:

“We write to inform you of the monthly spending limits currently applicable when using your GTBank Naira MasterCard for International cash withdrawals via ATMs and International payments via Point Of Sale (POS) and online” – Guaranty Trust Bank, PLC.

$1,000 per month can’t even cover rent for a decent room in most places in the United States. In most places in the world, Car is a necessity, especially in this approaching winter season.

Unless you be proper thief, or you want to drive a rickety smoky-joe, you probably have a car lease due every month like clock-work! You have water bills, energy bills, gas, heating, sewage bills, etc.

Dare you get sick and just pray your health insurance policy covers the situation, else when the co-pay bills show, you go know that “khaki is not be leather”.

As a student, there are subscriptions you got to pay, books you have to buy and tuition fee is at corner waiting.

We all need Jesus; only the miracle of 5 loaves and 2 fishes can make you survive on $1,000 per month as an International Student! Anything less than that, see you see homelessness!

All these courtesy of President Buhari appointing the so called “freshest greenest horn” available as finance minister and she’s busy wrecking the economy with the president.

Kindly note that Emefiele (CBN Governor) under Ngozi Okonjo Iweala during GEJ’s administration held the country together beautifully. While Emefiele under Kemi Adeosun during Buhari administration, as he (Emefiele) has now been hamstrung, everything is falling apart!

If I were Emefiele, I would leave now before they rubbish my hard-earned reputation. Helping build Zenith Bank to the heights it was before he left is not beans!

Now all those children of anger from APC that were shouting ‘chanji’ from foreign universities, I hereby present you the change you clamoured for. Enjoy it and be blessed.