Recent Events In This Nigerian Entity Has Called For Deeper Reflection On Our Nigerianess – Henry Sokei

Henry Sokei, (LINK MOMENT).

My post this morning will annoy some, it will pick some conscience, it will make some hate me, it will make some like me, it will make some love me but most especially a learned mind will ask questions about me.

I am not a believer in tribalism and I am not an advocate of rancour or war. I am an strong believer in justice, equity and unity. But the recent events in this Nigerian entity has called for deeper reflection on our Nigerianess.

I have seen people sing praises for Abiola and June 12, but also sang and mocked him. I have seen men who ate and dined with Abacha turning their backs on the Abacha dynasty. I have seen men change lanes just to get their desired goal. I have seen democrats turn and speak against democracy. I have seen learned men speak like illiterate and illiterate speak with great wisdom.

The events that are unfolding will either make or mar our democratic process and unity of Nigeria.
I am taking a stand today in history, I am taking a stand for if you do not stand for something then you shall fall for anything. My conscience is against extra judicial killings, my conscience is against killing of Shiites Muslims, my conscience is against killing of Berom people, my conscience is against the killing of Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB), my conscience is against the mass murder of Biafrans.

I will not keep mute so that I will be on the good side of the present administration. Men and women kept quiet when Adolf Hitler swoped on the jews and killed over 6 million jews. Hitlers SS officers then are like today’s Nigerian DSS and our military.

I speak today for I want peace and stability for my children and our future generation, I say categorically and boldly that the administration of General Buhari has failed and is still failing us despite all the campaign promises.

Nigerian unity started disintegrating from West (Lagos and Ibadan) then by some persons who felt the elections didn’t favour them then in the 1963.

From the same West again came persons who felt the PDP led government didn’t favour them and they launched an attack on Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEJ) led government and conspired and gave us so called “CHANGE”. But I remembered that when Obasanjo was there, even him withholding Lagos State allocation, no Yoruba man opened his mouth to talk for 8 years. Bola Ige was killed and no group protested to find Bola Ige killers, Marshall Harry was killed, Dikibo was killed, Funsho Williams was killed, Rimi died, Okadigbo died, but the people were afraid to speak.

I am sorry but a section of the country are fond of instigating and causing problems while they watch and laugh. They use the media with big head lines to brainwash the minds of Nigerians.

Today, I cease to be friends with my haters, if you hate an Igbo person, if you hate Biafra or those asking for their freedom, if you hate Nnamdi Kanu and Ojukwu but you love Awolowo and Ahmadu Bello then you hate me. If you hate Biafra or call for Biafrans to live alone in peace then you hate me and if you hate me, I am sorry I hate you with the greatest passion in me and no religious dogma can make me change the hatred.

I stand for equity and justice. I stand for freedom, I stand for unity. But when all is questionable then let things fall apart! for we only live once.

All Nigerians are equal but some are more equal than the others! Simply because of their tribe, religious belief or political affiliation.

Some are Arewa, some Oodua and some Biafrans.

I am bold to say that I stand with the call for Biafran State for Biafran people, I stand with my people and their cries.

Kindly delete me from your friend list if you do not swallow or accept my stand. I have my mind and have made my choice.



Written by Comrade Henry Sokei 22 December, 2015.

Posted by Kimberly Ogba,