Implementation Of The National Conference Report Might Solve The Quest To Split, However… – Asojuoba Adesanya

Asojuoba Adesanya, (NIGERIA MOMENT).

We have a proverb in Yoruba that says “Wonni kolokunrun se to; oni ohun kole maa se to to to”. This literally means, “someone who is asked to say “to” just once; he said he cannot be saying “to to to”.

Let us have a comprehensive look at the well attended National Conference report. I’m sure the answer to all National Questions are therein. Let us implement the report and we will not be having any quest to move out of Nigeria anymore.

However, if any nation in Nigeria still feels strongly about moving out lets go by the internationally accepted process: referendum! Let the people concerned decide. Who knows Nigeria may be better with six countries coming out of it?


By Asojuoba Adesanya