IPOB Has Launched Biafra Television – Chinasa Nworu


The Indigenous People of Biafra has launched Biafra Television. Go to www.biafratv.co. Watch Live coverage now and learn more about Biafra vis-a-vis Nigeria, Chinasa Nworu wrote.

“Biafra Television on the Internet and on Satellite. Biafra is set to expose the atrocities of Nigeria to the whole world. The truth which has been hitherto hidden and covered from the glare and knowledge of the world is about to be exposed. The world is about to witness what the eyes would see and shed blood. The world would see why Biafrans no longer wish to be part of the contraption called Nigeria. Biafra Television is live on the internet at www.biafratv.co.“, Nworu continues.

According to Chinasa Nworu, “You may also reach out to other platforms such as Radio Biafra from this link. BIAFRA TELEVISION App is also available now on Android app store for free download. You are therefore at liberty to avail yourself of any platform convenient to you to watch live programs”.