Iran Responds To Nigeria Military Attack Against Shiite Muslims In Zaria

In response to the Nigeria Military attack against Shiite Muslims, the Iran Military posted an update on Facebook as follows:

“The time when they could oppress Shias and get away with it is long gone, we shall pay a visit to the puppet regime in Nigeria soon, God willing.
‪#‎Nigeria‬ ‪#‎Zakzaky‬ ‪#‎Iran‬ ‪#‎QudsForce‬” – Iran Military

Iran Military



It is possible to oppress a people, … but the truth can never be suppressed. A flourishing generation can never, at any cost, be dissuaded from the path it has discovered and embraced.
~Ayatollah Khamenei, 25/10/2000

There was an effort by the enemies of Islam to suppress this Awakening – and they managed to suppress it in some areas – but Islamic Awakening is not suppressible. The flag of Islam has been raised and hoisted and the feeling of Islamic identity has been strengthened in Muslims all over the world and it will continue to be strengthened.
~Ayatollah Khamenei, 27/05/2014


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