My Dear Nigerians, But I warned You – Chinomso Awazie

Chinomso Awazie, (NIGERIA MOMENT).

“I just came online and scanned to see what’s going on. One thing is clear; Nigeria is doomed!

Shout Jesus as much as you want, plead His blood and call me whatever name suits your fancy, but please when you finish that:

  • Flip your light switch and see if it’s working without a generator, then
  • Stroll to the filling station, and buy fuel @N87 Naira per liter that former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEJ) left it, then
  • Take a look at your stocks portfolio on Nigerian Stock Exchange and check how much it is worth, and
  • Place a call to your relatives in civil service in Imo, Osun and other states and just ask ‘how are you doing?’.
  • When you are done, go to the market and buy foodstuff and see how ‘cheap’ they have become.

Meanwhile, at least 105 military men, the elite in our military, I gathered, mainly of Southern Origin, gassed and shot by Buruntai military command because they saw he was setting them up to be murdered by Boko Haram by sending them to the front without equipment even when those equipment are now there and were planning to revolt. At least, the fact that they have moved virtually all useful military equipment from the South-East and South-South, they have enough military hardware in the North now to give these boys to fight with but they refused.

Then Boko Haram now sacked the military in the past few days, killing 107 more soldiers. We are no longer talking of civilian deaths, but the ethnic cleansing in our security forces and systematic decapitation of Nigerian military. Make no mistakes about it, they know what they are doing!

1. No military equipments in the South East and South South
2. Systematic decimation of our military trained sons and daughters under various guises.

Can you not see what is coming?

But I warned you guys. I shouted, I screamed, I begged that we should not plunge the country into anarchy. I was called names, abused, insulted, but I carried on. Seven months afterward, here we are!

MARK THIS: Give Buhari more time to unfold all he packed in his basket for Nigeria and millions of lives will be taken once again. The thing is, he cares less about whatever we might be saying; he’s focused on his mission of making Nigeria more or less a Fulani empire and spreading Islam to every home in Nigeria.

Nigerians, this is just 12:01am, please preserve your tears, you will be needing them soon!

What will happen when Nigerian oil becomes avoided? And if the owners of the oil say it won’t flow again nko?

These are some of the reasons I need Biafra to opt out of this sinking ship before it’s too late. You can’t expect Buhari to change and Nigeria has been ‘noticed’ by the west. At least, let there be a boundary where the foreign boots soon coming will stop.

“While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.” Genesis 8:22 KJV

You cannot open your eyes and hurl a terrorist into power and expect something different. Or was any honest Nigerian in doubt that Buhari was supporting Boko Haram before the elections? How can you now expect him to stop?”


Chinomso Awazie