My Fears About The New Biafran Republic Are Women – Paul Achalla

Paul Achalla, (NIGERIA MOMENT).

Interestingly, my fears about the New Biafra is not Ijaw, Igbo, Efik, Ikwere, etc. My fears are that women may dominate the politics and administration of the new Biafra.

The battle of Biafran politics would be purely civil battle of ideas, wealth creators, innovators, and not the rich or conquerors as obtainable in Nigeria. Biafra would be one of the most peaceful and democratic nations in the world. The reason is simple, many kingdoms in Biafra land are known democrats who support women to achieve their full potentials.

In Igbo you hear names like “Obioha”, “Ohazurume”, etc. The first name means “peoples’ will” and later means “collective decision of the people”. These names have been trending in Igbo history years before the White-man invaded our land . Nri, Aro, Opopo, Efik, Ijaw, Ikwere kingdom, etc., are known to respect the will of the majority without question. Women always have advantage in Eastern Region politics from Mrs Margaret Ekpo till date. Nri discouraged slavery to extent that slaves may come to Nri to gain their freedom. Aro confederacy, a trading kingdom introduced apprentice scheme for her slaves.

The reality of today’s politics is this: Prof. Chukwuma Soludo completed his tenure as Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor and since then he has been jobless but on the contrary Mrs. Stella Oduah, the former Aviation Minister is now Senator representing Anambra North; Dr (Mrs.) Ngozi Okojo-Iweala and Mrs. Aruma Oteh are all busy at reputable international and world renowned organizations after left public office in Nigeria.

Even on social media, the likes of Kimberly OgbaViola Ifeyinwa Okolie, Portia Emilia Anthony, Julie A Dyer, Victoria Ibezi-Ohaeri, Mary Oyibocha Agbajoh, Chidinma Onyejiuwa, etc., all command huge followership more than many men. Imaging if they pull their resources together to fight for a cause in truly democratic setting? I can assure you that Tompolo and others would melt like ice cube because physical militancy would no longer be fashionable .

Biafra politics is going to a battle of ideas and not rants of empty change. The former President Jonathan and others would be regarded as role models and not the violent mob/noise makers like former Governor Rotimi Amaechi.

The possibility of women domination of Biafran politics is real. The reason is simple all the cultures in the territories called Biafra respect women a lot.

“Ada” (first daughter or resourceful daughter of the family and good wife of the family) enjoys great respect and this respect extends to their great great grand children. Their children are accorded the same respect as “Nwa di ala”.

Traditionally, they enjoy immunity from persecution and all sorts of aggression in their maternal home. They are regarded as bridge builders, they make peace between towns, communities, and even states. Did you see the reaction of Biafrans and her sympathizers following the killing of unarmed young girl? Just imaging what would be the reaction of Biafrans on the news of let’s say Tompolo slapped any of the ladies mentioned above at a campaign in Biafra land.

I see a peaceful nation for the reasons stated above. You may notice that much feared Mujahid Dokubo Asari always preaches peace whenever issues regarding Igbos are on the front burner. Unfortunately, it is not a pretense. I do react in the same manner whenever issues concerning my traceable maternal or paternal home are discussed. Many of us also respects individual once he/she claims that his/her mother is from your area.

Thankfully, this is common in the old Eastern region. From former Gov Akpabio to former Gov (Sir) Peter Obi to ‘Judas’ former Gov Chibuike Amaechi, etc., they respect women strongly.

Essentially, what I am of the view is that we have many avenues for peace to reign in Biafra unlike in Nigeria.

More importantly, we are willing to talk and reach a consensus without pulling dagger at little or no provocation at all. For example political differences or disagreement did not stop late Prof Eyo Ita from serving under Biafran Government.

I can go on and on as the list are endless. My fears of women domination of Biafran Politics and administration are real.


By Paul Achalla

Paul Achalla