My Take On These So-Called “Biafran Traitors” – Herbert Emenike Nwankwo

Herbert Emenike Nwankwo, (LINK MOMENT).

Do not rush to conclusions yet, note that Biafra is a matter of who you talk to. There are definitely people benefiting from what is on ground today who will want the status quo to continue. They are at this point must be only labeled as the opposition since we are not at war but in democracy. Just like some organize to pursue Biafra, those in the opposition must also be allowed to congregate to discuss alternatives.

Calling them names for meeting to discuss possibilities and alternatives is not the way to go, unless you expect a Biafra based on totalitarianism. Every one has a perspective that must come out and defended, so we know what is best and realistic on the interim. “A naghi egwu ala si ya na ozu gaa larili”. If you dig a grave do not expect that you must bury somebody in it. People presumed dead do wake up sometimes.

In a referendum even your brother or mother may vote against or for, what matters is what majority want. If anything this group should be regarded as the mediators, though some amongst them may be aiming to exploit the restlessness to booster their personal gains from what is on ground today. Nothing wrong with making it clear that even when you do not trust them one bit, you are still open to hearing what they are cooking up per their own viewpoints.

The proponents of a Biafra have already moved the mountain by getting the necessary attention, and they have raised the realization that these protests are serious not just a sham. Thus, the proponents must hear them out and take note of whatever realities they advance in opposition.

They can not deter you if you are determined, capable, competent, and have the numbers on your side. Some of them are traditionally for Biafra and being at this meeting works in the favor of the Biafran proposition. Do not give them bad names or discredit them in one swoop because a successful warrior knows the importance of getting intelligence from inside the opposition.

YES, Nigeria will buy some of them but not all, those advancing this cause must strategically gain inside knowledge of who is there body and soul, or just there in body. If Biafra would not become another zoo, then the proponents and their supporters must avoid zoo tones and project freedom of association, so the defeat can come not through intimidation, but through a democratic process.

At worst I can say majority of them are for a step-wise process that goes for a true federation first, then if we become successful and can build an independent electoral, development and economic region, we can then have the basis to say to those opposed to Biafra that going full swing is best for our people.

Note that after battling Nigeria successfully, Biafrans must be ready to battle each other internally for directions and supremacy. “Igbo si back abaa na nna eree na nne”. In a polygamous family, a family that becomes wealthy under their father’s name, must also return home to compute their respective gains based on their respective mothers unit. Intimidation from either side will lead to weakness not strength. Just know that these Igbo already chopping large will want the status quo to continue.

Do not trust them but you must hear them out and take whatever they say with the grain of salt, because they are already traditionally overly compromised before this point.

They are seriously scared of the reality and strength they face and see because they have a lot to lose should political equality or outright freedom be achieved in this struggle. They are your bottleneck that must be carefully persuaded or massaged to go along.


By Herbert Emenike Nwankwo

 Chinasa Nworu, wrote:

Finally, IPOB have the list of Biafran traitors from Igbo-speaking areas of Biafraland. They gathered to complete their plans to frustrate Biafra restoration process. Here are their names for the records and judgment day:

Senator Ike Ekweremadu,
Commodore Ebitu Ukiwe, (rtd),
Mr. Peter Obi,
Prof. Ben Nwabueze, SAN,
Prof. A. B. C Nwosu,
Chief Joe Irukwu, SAN,
Senator Hope Uzodinma,
Senator Sonni Ogbuju,
Senator Ben Obi,
Prof. George Obiozor,
Chief Gary Enwo-Igariwey,
Elder Uma Eleazu.
Osita Ogbu,
Chief Guy Ikokwu,
Chief C.C Ifeanyi,
Bishop Sunday Onuoha,
Chief Charles Odunukwe,
Eze C. I. Ilomuanya,
Eze Gibson Nwosu,
Igwe Chris Onyekwuluije,
Chief Dr. E. A. Ukpabi,
Mr. Emeka Ugwu-Oju,
Chief C. C Ifeanyi,
Chief Christopher Eze,
Chief Charles Odunukwe,
Willie Obiano,
Rochas Okorocha.

Judgement day loading ! In case of tomorrow.