Nigerian Act of The Year: Justice Muhammed Of Federal Court For Excusing Self From Nnamdi’s Case – Ena Ofugara

Justice Ahmed Mohamed on Nnamdi Kanu Case
Ena Ofugara, (LinkMoment).
Most "Nigerian" Act of The Year: Justice Ahmed Muhammed Of The Federal High Court For Excusing Self From Hearing Nnamdi's Case.

For those who do not know him, he is a judge of the high court who was to hear the charge of treason, etc.,  against Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of IPOB (Independent People of Biafra).

This judge, obviously a Northerner who should ordinarily be toeing the set plan to sentence Kanu to death as was done to Saro Wiwa by the Abacha administration of which Buhari was second most powerful official, this judge looks to justice and his conscience for guidance.

Justice and conscience indeed must have led him to say that Nnamdi Kanu has a right and is right to challenge the courts as his rights have been trampled on and justice not dispensed. He also stated that the government (without mentioning the name of the dictator Tinubu and co foisted on Nigeria) has not been following the decisions of the courts so why should he bother to make anymore reasoned decisions?

However, we are wondering the reasoned decisions that have kept Femi Falana, Sagay, Keyamo, NBA and all of our leading lawyers and critics from pointing out the fact that the Federal Government under Buhari has practically destroyed the third arm of government THE JUDICIARY. Even Femi Falana (SAN) in his suspicious silence was forced to speak up when in Akwa Ibom the governorship election is to be reconducted because of card readers. But well noted is their silence in the face of the most decaptitation of the judiciary by any government since 1999. No more do we hear cries of IMPUNITY, IMPUNITY, etc., from them.

It is why the cries of Justice Ahmed Muhammed on Buhari’s treatment of the Judiciary must be taken seriously. This is a democracy and the courts are the only ones to determine guilt or innocence.

Guilty or innocent, the treatment of Nnamdi Kanu seems to buttress and validate his claim that his people will never find justice in Nigeria or in this arrangement. We have heard worse narratives from all regions on Nigeria breaking up. That of the Igbo Nnamdi Kanu is the one that is receiving a very shameful treatment despite the Federal Government mouthing the fact that citizens have a right to agitate for self governance for their regions.

Self Governance is Nnamdi Kanu’s goal for Igbo people. but seeing Justice Ahmed Muhammed and how he has put his career on the line just to make a point to Nigeria about justice for all, perhaps the one person that needed to see this was Nnamdi Kanu and maybe by looking in Ahmed’s eyes, he will realize not all Northerners are supremacists like Buhari. That perhaps, just perhaps there are more Ahmed Muhammeds out there with whom to have a country or maybe it is too late already and the Justice Ahmed Muhammed are too little, too powerless, too few.