Open Letter: Biafra Youths Replies Arewa Youths

OPEN LETTER TO AREWA YOUTHS, Monday, 7 December 2015.

We the Youths of the Indigenous People of Biafra are bringing to your notice that we read your warning and hate letter, giving Biafrans living in the North a “TWO WEEKS ULTIMATUM TO EXIT AREWA LAND”. The warning letter you wrote was signed by Aliyu Usman of the Arewa Youth Development Forum Foundation (AYDF) Ami­nu Adams of the Arewa Citizens Action For Change (ACAC), Bridget­ Cantiop Yahya of the Northern Emancipation Network (NEN), Comrade­ Yusuf Muhammed of Arewa Students Forum (ASF) and Terkular  J. Bishama of Arewa Youths Vanguard (AYV).

We also read the pretentious and hypocritical statement at a Press Conference by National President of Arewa Triumphant Youth Foundation (ATYF), asking Biafrans to stop agitating for Biafra, a letter he never sent to Bokoharam members and a press release never conducted against Bokoharam insurgency.

The Youths of the Indigenous People of Biafra are also aware of Arewa Youths who protested in the month of July 2014 at Kano State (Arewa Land), calling for the Division and Dissolution of Nigeria as a Political entity. Just as you are Arewa Youths and you know that through documented history and through your forefathers that your original name Arewa came, so did we get to know that we are the Indigenous People of Biafra.

You all know that Nigeria is a forced marriage and a contraption concocted by Frederick Lugard, a British man; if not there would be no Amalgamation. In Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s word “Nigeria is an artificial contraption and zoo, concocted by the British to their own amazement.” You know we are not one and that you have always tagged us to be “NYAMIRI”and ‘HARUNE’ (INFIDELS)”, how can one you call infidel be in the same country with you? NO WAY. When your Fathers were still under the emblem of Arewa Youths, they were the first to call for division. They chanted “ARABA ARABA” meaning “LET’S DIVIDE, LET’S DIVIDE”.

They did not just chant “ARABA”, they moved on killing Biafrans and Biafrans were forced to come back home, empty handed. Not minding the the amount of money Biafrans had in Arewa land, how much wealth, how many buildings or structures they had, your Fathers killed those that stayed and slaughtered them like rams.

Your brother Gowon and other Arewa elders decided to bring war to our homes and tagged us cowards, rather than allowing our fathers to go home and amend their broken faces, which brought about the declaration of Biafra Independence and the Civil War and upon till today, your Fathers and you the Arewa Youths have never seized to slaughter the Indigenous People Of Biafra, same way you slaughter your rams for Sallah.

It is very obvious that you respect the lives of your rams more than that of Biafrans, as you slaughter your rams occasionally, but slaughter Biafrans frequently. Being the peace loving Biafrans we are, we swept the past under the carpet, came back to Arewaland bought land from you and built on it, in other to improve the economical growth of Arewa Land. But the millions of the Arewa people in Biafraland barely build and prefer sleeping outside our shops and roadsides, because of the hatred and grudges you have against the Indigenous People Of Biafra, hence you are avoiding to add an inch to the development and improvement of the economy and growth of Biafraland but you prefer stealing our natural resources.

Arewa have taken over Onitsha, Okigwe, Aba, Owerri, Port Harcourt, Orlu, Uyo, Asaba, Calabar, Enugu and other regions in Biafraland. There is no State that is devoid of an erupted Central Mosque and other smaller Mosques in Biafraland. We don’t touch your Imams, worshipers and Mosque, but you Arewa Youths burn down our Churches, kill our Pastors, slaughter our Fathers, open up our Mothers and kill the unborn fetus, but you have never been queried or cautioned by Arewa politicians and elders.

You Arewa Youths have been slaughtering and setting ablaze the Youths of The Indigenous People Of Biafra who are serving Nigeria as Youth Corpers, if not for the intervention and cries of Biafran Youths, the law stopping Nigeria Government from extending Biafran Youth Corpers service to Arewaland, wouldn’t have been sanctioned.

Arewa well armed youths in form of herdsmen, have invaded and are destroying our farmlands, raping female Biafran Youths and our mothers, killing our fathers and Traditional Rulers, the leaders of Arewa Youth have never written to your brothers and political godfathers to sanction a law that will refrain your fellow Arewa Youths from practicing such barbaric and evil act against the Indigenous people of Biafra.

Your political godfather and brother Mohammad Buhari and your Brother Lawal Musa Daura, has been unlawfully detaining the Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, but you haven’t written any letter against this act or given an ultimatum for his release, that exposes your hypocritical nature. This proves Mazi Nnamdi Kanu right, when he said “Arewas are hypocrites and Nigeria is a zoo, littered with black men whose hypocritical heart is engulfed with wickedness and evil”.

Ever since the detention of our Leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, all we have been doing is protesting peacefully, amid provocation, arrest, tear gassing and killing of IPOB Youths, at the command of Mohammadu Buhari, which the World knows you can’t take, if Mohammadu Buhari was in Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s situation. If you could kill us when your political god Mohammadu Buhari lost an election, what will be your reaction if he is unlawfully detained, same way our Leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is been unlawfully detained?

As the Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will always say, “IT IS BIAFRA OR WE ALL DIE GETTING BIAFRA.” IPOB Youths are following protocol/directives from IPOB leaders. Being peaceful does not mean we are coward, we are watching and documenting everything and in due time we shall present our case with facts and figures.

Writing to those who claim to be our political leaders and Traditional Rulers, won’t stop this peaceful demonstration and agitation for Biafra, as all WE WANT IS THE RELEASE OF THE LEADER OF THE INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF BIAFRA MAZI NNAMDI KANU AND THE RESTORATION OF BIAFRA.