Rejoinder To Herbert Emenike Nwankwo’s (Ph.D, CPE) Article Titled “My Take On The So Called ‘Biafran Traitors”

Azibapu Y. Lawrence, (LinkMoment).
A Rejoinder To Herbert Emenike Nwankwo's (Ph.D, CPE) Article Titled "My Take On The So Called 'Biafran Traitors".

This is great! This is really a wisdom track; the first attempt to evolving enlightening, subtle, persuasive and cautionary approach in Biafra’s campaign. Or, probably even a mere suggestion to the core drivers of IPOB. But then, it’s purely an after thought, a reaction to the attacks on the true, wrong and condemnable intent of Biafra, particularly, on and about the Niger Delta.

We heard and read your leader say deranged things about her that clearly identified your movement with the likes of Nazism. This is a throw back to civilization. Chinwe Achebe said in his “Trouble with Nigeria” that “the Igbos are easy to work with but the most difficult to enslave”. This truism is a quality also of the Niger Delta people, too, because we share similarities in cultural practices. But the Igbos are known to being covetous and thus wanting to enslave the others as is clearly indicated in the totalitarian tendencies of IPOB’s approach which readily calls to memory the very painful past experiences.

Nigeria’s foundation is poor and weak because it was built on insincerity and selfish motives structured to serve greater external interests at the expense of the multiple indigenous ones. Since the ethnic bond provides a greater sense of nationalism, it has a stronger patriotic pull on the individual hence the effects of this faulty foundation gave rise to the dual loyalties that’s killing the Nigerian social system today.

This pathological state of the Nigerian Federation can never be remedied until and unless the entire structure is pulled down. This is because the warped interests have been firmly embedded into the fabric of her social existence irreversibly. This very despicable path is the same path that, IPOB, in its all knowing stance, is following.

Hence, to avoid the inherent acrimony that will eventually manifest at the time we should be celebrating our supposed victory, the Niger Delta has decided to distance herself from Biafra and desires to form her own Republic.

The wrong notion is to see us as opposed to Biafra’s actualization. NO, we are not. Rather, we are in the same struggle but separately searching for factual freedom for our different peoples. And, the world being a global village, events and necessities will generate growing ties that will eventually dissolve our boundaries and fears in due time after achieving our primary objective.

The primary objective should be the greater objective and must override our selfish motives so that our common enemy cannot have loopholes into us in anyway. Therefore, please, let’s not get into each other’s way from this take off.

By Azibapu Y. Lawrence. (Niger Delta Activist).



My Take On These So-Called “Biafran Traitors” – Herbert Emenike Nwankwo