Significance Of Nnamdi Kanu’s Strong Reprimand of The DSS Officer – Chinomnso Awazie

Chinomnso Awazie, (LinkMoment).

I just watched a clip of my brave, intelligent, and determined brother forcing the murderous criminal and idiotic officers called DSS to stand down and allow him see his lawyer as he wished it.

I read his refusal to enter any plea based on his lack of confidence in the courts and whatever outcome there will be from them.

Let’s pause a bit…

You know what he did without saying it? He simply said ‘I DO NOT BELIEVE IN NIGERIA, I DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO THEIR LAWS, I DO NOT BELIEVE IN HER PROCESSES’.

I feel really very proud of this my brother. He is a true blood! That’s the stuff legends are made of! If he goes today, he will become a MARTYR, and another Nnamdi Kanu shall arise.

If Shekau of Boko Haram in his credulity can re-incarnate after repeated killing thousands of Nigerians. So, those baying for Nnamdi’s blood, you can see how silly you really are? Biafra is beyond Nnamdi Kanu and he knows it! He’s ready to die for it, and he knows the dream won’t die.

The Hausa crowd that usually wet their pants in ecstasy in anticipation of his destruction, I see them befuddled and incoherently mumbling inanities here and there in utter confusion and amazement of how the whole thing is now turning out, no more animalistic rants only heard in zoos! Reality is dawning on them. I am also aware of quite a number of reasonable friends from there who I will respect till tomorrow. But the “bozos” are in the major majority! Same from the Yoruba axis, never mind that the match for Oduduwa fight is being struck as you read this.

Nigerian numerous security and military agencies, are you tired of killing innocent citizens? International Criminal Court (ICC) will address you, it would only take some time! Are you tired of attacking unarmed civilians? I watched the NIGERIAN NAVY washing off the blood of unarmed peacefully protesting civilians they killed at Onitsha, I watched them shooting directly at people’s houses! I wept. After I was done crying, I saved the video and mailed it to places.

Suddenly, cynics, critics and the doubtful are seeing the feasibility of Biafra.

I earnestly await the birth of Biafra – the land of the rising sun. Biafra, where there would be no toleration of injustice, where corruption shall be a capital offence, where the potentials of Igbos and other constituent ethnic groups would be fully unleashed.

I pray to be soon carrying a passport that calls me that wonderful blessed name BIAFRAN, thereby dumping this cursed name called Nigeria.

In this country Nigeria where killings, injustice, oppression, ethnic and religious bigotry, state-backed genocide and religious cleansing are the order of the day, a nation cursed with foolishness, insincerity, hypocrisy, backwardness and ardent desire to perish by all means possible.

I can’t wait to stop bearing the curse of Nigerian citizenship, one that instantly bequeaths you the status of a criminal the moment you show her passport at the borders of any reasonable country. A citizenship you have to be careful to admit in most settings for fear of loosing opportunities. A citizenship you have to sear your conscience and become a liar in the cadre of Lai Mohammed before you can defend her reasonably at all! A very shameful citizenship where Igbos are hated for no just cause!

I loathe Nigerian citizenship, I really do! It’s just a matter of “achocha ebe a ga ebide aka, ebide ya na ikpere,” which literally means “in the absence of where to place a hand, you place it on the knee”, that forces one to still log around this disgraceful green piece of crappy Nigeria.

You don’t need to be profiled even, Buhari is doing a wonderful job of it ON EACH AND EVERY FOREIGN TRIP OF HIS. ‘Nigerians are corrupt’, ‘Nigerians are indisciplined’, ‘Nigerians are noisemakers’, ‘Nigerians are lazy’, ‘Nigerians are looters” ~ Nigerian President Buhari

And to ice the whole thing, all these are coming from a “known stark illiterate”, one they had to interpret the meaning of ‘inclusive’ BEFORE THE WHOLE WORLD with the person putting him through and unable to withhold his amazement and laughter!

I’m very very ashamed of Nigeria! The worst is that human beings from this “zoo” actually defend this perfidy! No matter how silly, callous, stupid and dishonest they sound, they trudge on in that journey of ignominy, and these are mainly youths! Tell me where then is there hope for the zoo?

Biafra is in labour pains! May matron Buhari do his job very well as he’s been doing all this while.

It is well!


By Chinomnso Awazie