These People (Biafrans) No Longer Have Faith In The United Nigeria – Butu Julius

Allow Biafra to Go - Butu Julius
Butu Julius, (NIGERIA MOMENT).

“These people no longer have faith in the united Nigeria. They show hatred for Nigeria and its people. They criticize any policy aimed at restoring our lost glory and values.

“They instigate Nigerians against Nigeria through their posts and commentaries in the press and encourage any action that can pull down this country. They call Nigerians names including calling Nigerians animals and Nigeria zoo.

“They do not love Nigeria and Nigerians. These people should be allowed to go their separate ways and allow us to live the way that suits us. Their continuous stay in this country will create animosity among us and can portend anarchy.

“Since they have lost faith in the Nigeria project, they will continue to be unpatriotic citizens which can pose security threat to Nigeria. #Allowbiafranstogo# for peace to reign.” 

By Butu Julius, Executive Director at Taraba State Government

Butu Julius