What Should President Buhari Do About Calls for a Free Biafra? – Newsweek



NEWSWEEK contemplated on the Biafra issue and asked a crucial question in an article written by Conor Gaffey: READ

“Since coming to power in March, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has had a lot to deal with. Tackling the Boko Haram insurgency, fighting corruption, and wrestling with the country’s petroleum crisis have all been competing for his attention. But in recent months, a new and potentially divisive issue has reared its head: an upsurge in support for independence in the southern region once known as Biafra.

“Protesters first took to the streets in October, and thousands have joined marches and demonstrations since then, demanding the release of a prominent pro-Biafran activist detained by Nigerian authorities and calling for a referendum on independence.

“The Nigerian government seems to be in two minds as to how to address the issue. The army’s Major General Hassan Umaru recently sent an “unequivocal warning” to protesters—whom he accused of asking for “the dismemberment of the country”—that the military would use whatever force necessary to quash any unlawful actions. But later, one of Buhari’s new cabinet ministers publicly stated that the pro-Biafrans’ grievances are “completely legitimate” – NEWSWEEK wrote. READ MORE …

Since the pro-Biafra are calling for REFENDUM and the Nigeria Government are conflicted, 

What Should President Buhari Do About Calls for a Free Biafra?