Yoruba Is Always The One Afraid To Be Left Alone By Other Ethnic Groups – Oluwakemi Odunaiya


While responding to a discussion between an Urhobo man called Roland Ediri Idimi and his Yoruba friend concerning Niger Delta with respect to Biafra, another ‘proud’ Yoruba person Oluwakemi Odunaiya stated:

“Very interesting. The Yoruba man is always the one afraid to be left alone by other ethnic groups. I had my degree in engineering in UNN, I did my NYSC in the North (Niger State). I am a proud Yoruba man, a Nigerian. The Federal government should let every region take care of their natural resources 100% and their region and let us see who will be better off.” – Oluwakemi Odunaiya.

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Discussion Between Urhobo And Yoruba Man On Niger Delta Vis-A-Vis Biafra