Are Non Igbos Of The Old Eastern Region Represented In The Biafra Restoration Project?

Azibapu Y. Lawrence‎, (LinkMoment).

NNAMDI KANU is in detention since October 14, 2015, facing trial alongside two other pro-Biafra agitators, BENJAMIN MADUBUGWU and DAVID NWAWUISI. Please, do you know Kanu’s deputy Director whose team is now coordinating the affairs of the project?

All Igbos and non Igbos of the old Eastern region practice pure democracy in their socio-cultural administrations. Members of the society actively participate in the decision and execution of the activities of their Towns, Compounds or Families through direct representation. The ultimate forum is the General Assembly of the people, also known as the Market Square Gathering, where every Compound Head represent his compound’s interest and there is also the Compound Gathering which comprises all the Family Heads.

Decisions that affect the given group is always reached by a simple majority of the concerned representatives of the People, the Families or the Compounds as the case may be and always through general discussions and persuasions on the issue of interest. Decisions from such process are always generally accepted, effective and enforceable. Outside this due process, decisions arrived at always lack legitimacy and often are ladened with hidden negative intent.

If the same people will observe these practices to give legitimacy to given decisions and actions that concerned them then it’s of unconditional necessity that greater pains must be taken to get the needed legitimacy on decisions and activities affecting diverse peoples. The protagonists of the Biafra Project conceived the idea, designed the project, took all the decisions on its content and take-off time and are executing all the involved activities including cloning the other peoples’ consent to the International community all by themselves only.

Yet they claim their activities affect all the people they unilaterally defined as being in the project. This is grossly against our cultural practices which clearly defined the rules of such engagement. Yet some of my dear people of the Niger Delta are being easily deceived that that which is universally and eternally acknowledged not to free will be given to them freely by this starkly loaded Igbo-centric Biafra: FREEDOM.

When we, the pro-Niger Delta Nationalists, oppose Biafra, it’s not because we do not want freedom or that we hate Biafra for hating sake. But that the statement this generation of Biafra enhancers are making is that this generation of Niger Deltans are more foolish and far weaker than our fathers who rejected the first Biafra on same grounds; and that, this generation of pro-Biafrans are smarter and more powerful than their fathers hence they can and will restore the Biafran Empire that their fathers had craved for but unable to create over our own fathers.

This is the meaning of the slogan: “Restoring Biafra”. Otherwise, why had the pro-Biafrans refused to legitimize the process by evolving the cultural norms of engagement which would have domesticated this project and by now cause it to start burning like wild fire, onwards to its sure attainable objective? If the Biafra of Ojukwu’s era that was occasioned by emergency was still rejected by our fathers, in their own wisdom, on grounds of such lack of inclusiveness, how much more should we rightly reject this gradual one that is this annoyingly deliberately bruising our sensitivity? Let us reject it with every fibre of our strength and thoughts for lack of proper representation in the project. It is not our project.

FREEDOM is never gotten Free. If our slavery in the Nigerian State, which is causing her big three ethnic groups of Hausa-Fulani, Yoruba and Igbo to be acting as checks against themselves in the sharing of our wealth that they are looting, is really bad with and for us, then we will be far worse off if only one of them becomes the over Lord to operate unrestrained over us. And if that one, as it is, is the most greedy and covetous of the three, then it will certainly be worst with and for us.

Niger Deltans, please, you do not have a stake where you do not have a say. Biafra is not of you nor for you. If any misdirected one tells you that Biafra is more of Niger Deltans than the Igbos, then ask him/her how many Niger Deltans are in detention and facing trail with Kanu? And, how many are on the decision making table working with Kanu’s deputy Director? If any, why should they be this invisible? Are we oppressors that should allow only the Igbos to suffer for us to benefit even the more? Are we taking the Igbos for fools? No, we are not. No, we can’t.

To reach the stage the Igbos have driven the Biafra project to today is not in anyway easy. This clearly proves that Freedom comes costly. Yes, there can never be any great social gain without individual pain. Great Niger Deltans, wake up from your slumber for nothing good comes easily. Wear off your miserable looks, drop off that lazy posture and start working out your destiny by yourselves. Others have done it successfully while some are still doing it encouragingly.

We, too, can do it when we determine to do it. It’s very possible because “when the slaves get together, that’s the beginning of getting out of slavery”. Let’s recognize our common status, we are slaves to Nigeria’s three big ethnic groups. Our freedom is very much achieveable because “when people get caught up with that which is right and are willing to sacrifice for it, there’s no stopping point short of victory”. The Biafra planers did not include you at this all important formative stage of the project because they do not have any freedom to give you. Therefore, let’s go for our own: The Niger Delta Republic.


By ‎Azibapu Y. Lawrence