Backlash Over Buhari’s Discriminatory Prosecution Of PDP Spokesperson Metuh Comparably



Many Nigerians of good will have expressed shock and outrage over how the Buhari administration in the name of fighting corruption is dehumanizing and selectively persecuting and prosecuting the opposition. Here are just some of their reactions:

Euphamia Udanoh, wrote: “Dasuki, a former National Security Adviser to President Jonathan, was accused of “STEALING” $2.1 billion and his bail bond was set at N250 million. He was NEVER HAND CUFFED. Olisa Metuh, current PDP’s National Publicity Secretary, was accused of “RECEIVING” N400 million and his bail bond was set at N400 million. He was HAND CUFFED. If you are from the South East and still supporting Buhari, may evil overtake you in Jesus name. Amen!”

ChuChu Williams, wrote: “Even Dasuki who allegedly shared the whole money was never handcuffed at any time, not even when arms were discovered in his house but here is Olisa Metuh (PDP National Publicity Secretary) who allegedly committed far lesser crime (and has not been convicted of any crime), in handcuffs yet people like Tony Anenih, Olu Falae, Femi Adeshina, Tanko Yakassai and so many others who were equally fingered in the same Dasukigate aaareee still at Nicon Hilton drinking champagne. May thunder fire that fool who will tell me that Buhari is fighting corruption or preach one Nigeria to me again.”

Samuel Ebeku, wrote: “When I say that Igbos are being marginalised, suppressed or humiliated most ‘efulefus’ who are hypnotised by tyrant Buhari will always find reason to oppose me but this picture is explicit.

Dasuki who shares the money as well as others who got bigger money were not arraigned in court on handcuffs but here Metuh is under chains. Moreover, Dasuki who was accused of mismanaging $2.1 billion was granted bail on the sum of N250 million naira while Olisah Metuh accused of receiving N400 million naira was granted bail on N400 million naira. There is no better time to clamour for Biafra than this time as it is obvious that the Nigerian state is full of injustices.”

Gozie Tagbo, wrote: “Unfortunately this govt is tilting to a dangerous direction. Overzealous aides and agencies will bring Buhari to ruins if not checked. I do not see any reason for the handcuffs if not for showmanship and stupidity prevalent with our security services. Too bad.”

Ukaegbu E. Ukaegbu, wrote: “Also, recall that former Vice President Alex Ekwueme was put in jail while former President Shehu Shagari was under house arrest by the same Buhari in 1984. Both Dasuki and Metuh belongs to PDP. Shagari and Ekwueme belonged to the defunct NPN. Dasuki is Hausa/Fulani just like Shagari both from Sokoto. On the other hand Ekwueme is Igbo just like Metuh and both from Anambra, and so do the math. Therefore, it is obvious that Buhari is very hateful against the Igbos and so he is doing everything possible to suppress them.”