Biafra, A Secession Bid Or Ethnic Ranting? – Azibapu Lawrence


Azibapu Y. Lawrence, (LinkMoment). 

Igbos would have been freely supported if only they claim, from the onset that their Biafra was an Igbo ethnic struggle. But unfortunate they mapped part of the South South as part of territorial demand for secession. That territory involves our ethnic groups so will speak and let the world know our stand.

Igbos might be mis-guided by their chauvinistic attachment to Radio Biafra and other internet Ndigbo-Biafra websites in believing that non-Igbo or the South South is with them in their Biafra struggle. This was the mistakes of Ojukwu which seems to be repeating it self because of the misguided manner at which Mr Nnamdi Kanu is championing the present day Pro-Biafra Agitation.

The Pro-Biafra agitators have been advised copiously to take the necessary first step in the articulation of any struggle, which is to properly consult and seek the consent of aligned and non-aligned ethnic groups rather than cursing, insulting, blackmail them as saboteurs in order for them to capitulation to their Igbo ambiguous struggle.

Nevertheless, the already seen symptoms of the pro-Biafra agitation is a total anti-thesis to the South South peoples desires. After all the superficial ranting and call for unity between the South East and South South by Pro-Biafra agitators have always been discarded as scam and fraud. The Bible said “out of the abundance the heart speaket the mouth”.

If any South South person is in doubt of the true intention of the Kanu’s Biafra, just take a cursory look at some of the slogans of Kanu and his follower gleaned from the internet and his Biafra radio call-in Programme:
“Igbos are marginalized”
“We call for Igbo president in 2019”
“South South is Biafra land and Biafra land is Igbo land”
“Port Harcourt is Igbo land and it is called Igwe-ocha”
“The war to reclaim Port Harcourt would look Israel Palestine War”
“Any body who is not interested in Biafra should park and leave our land”
“Free our leader Nnamdi Kanu or war”
“we are tired of Zoo Nigeria”
“Give us Biafra otherwise Nigeria will look like Somalia”
Of what interest are all these slogans to the South South ethnic nations? It has only helped the South South people in knowing that their true enemy is just beside them.

It would surprise you to know that during the Niger Delta crisis no militant threatened the collective interest of any tribe or region. But Niger Deltans were perplexed with awe to see how a simple justly for stateship by Biafran agitation brought out the hidden passion by the Igbos to sack or decimate non-compromising aboriginal tribes of the Niger Delta region. These were the same crimes the people of old Rivers State accused Ojukwu of, which went into a bitter case tagged “River State abandoned Property Case”.

But come to think of it, can a region like the South South which has tasted heroism in the likes of intelligent men like Harold Dapper-Biriye, Clement Isong, Udoma Udoma, Isaac Adaka Boro, Ken Saro-Wiwa, Ugbemudia etc, be able to tolerate a man like Nnamdi Kanu, who has ineptly used his Biafra Radio to propagate lies, hate and acrimony against non-Igbo ethnic groups. Rather than invest his time in articulating his struggle he has enterprise in insulting leaders with “gutter” language and herald a motor-park like followership. We have never seen, in any struggle, in any part of the world, not even in the most timid Tamil insurgency of the Philippines, were “gutter” words, cursing and propagation of lies have been used to the level the Kanu Biafrans have done.

Unfortunately, Kanu notable gains are in his ability to use his Radio Biafra call-in shows to heighten the remembrance of Ojukwu war atrocities on non-Igbo ethnic groups. These crimes, which were fast becoming a folk tale has been made real by Nnamdi Kanu and his followers rhetorics. The present generation of non-Igbo ethnic nations of the South South are beginning to see the truth in what our parents were describing to us.

But just to let the present day Biafrans know; The non-Igbo ethnic group during the Biafra war are far different from the ones you see today. It is only a foolish man that allows himself to be beaten twice. The Igbos should pray that their Biafra struggle is air tight, otherwise THE BUBBLE WILL SOON BURST. We are not afraid or shy to say we are waiting and well Prepared.

Cheers Comrades.


By Azibapu Y. Lawrence