Buhari’s Plan To Bribe Southsouth People Against Biafra Exposed? – Samuel Chijioke

Samuel Chijioke, (LinkMoment).

Exposed! It has been revealed that President Buhari pledged and promised N3.6 billion naira yearly to Ogoni people not to support Biafra, and additional N1 billion naira if there are no disruptions on oil flow.

Information reaching the Biafran people now is that Buhari and his agents who are very afraid that the so called South South have finally find their roots as Biafrans and are working seriously to make sure they restore Biafra.

The whole of the Eastern part of Nigeria has witnessed all kinds of secret visitors from Tony Blair (former British Prime Minister) who left Igewocha (Port Harcourt) few days ago, to Yakubu Gowon (former Nigeria Head of State), and Olusegun Obasanjo (former Nigeria President) and others in quest to stop the Biafra struggle, but they never know that they will all fail.

The kind of promises and pledges Buhari and APC are making to Niger Delta people are causing a lot of ripples in the mind of our brothers . How come now? Why all these sudden pledges?

Just because they are afraid that Biafra would definitely be restored.  For example, President Buhari just promised and pledged to be paying Ogoni people N3.6 billion naira yearly and an additional N1 billion naira each year if they did not cause any problem for the flow of Oil.

My people you all could see all their criminal minded promises, they are now planning to use money to divide our people as they always do, they are planning to make Lagos semi-Autonomy. Divide and rule is their tactics.

Remember they have given you Niger Delta, and so called amnesty, and yet today they are killing all your prominent men and women. Don’t ever go into any deal with these criminals leaders and blood suckers, remember the amnesty, they have failed you, today many of you have realized it was a game.


By Samuel Chijioke