Call For Buhari’s Impeachment And Resignation Of CBN Governor Are Legitimate – Uzor Solomon

Uzor Solomon, (LinkMoment).

I totally support the PDP in its call for the impeachment of President Muhammadu Buhari and the resignation of the CBN Governor, together with the Minister of Finance and Budget Office. A Presidency that is capable of breaking into the National Assembly, stealing a National Budget, amending the budget and returning it back to the Assembly, all without following due process. Such a President is capable of anything.

Few days ago when I said there was a high probability that the Presidency actually stole the budget from NASS Complex, some overzealous megalomaniac APC sycophants went to their social media walls, calling me all sort of names. Today is has been confirmed by the Senate that the budget later distributed by the President’s men is not the same version that was presented by the President last month on live television.

If this is not the height of executive irresponsibility, James Bondism and rascality, then somebody should please tell us what it is. President Buhari has consistently proven himself to be a man who has no respect for the rule of law in Nigeria. He has refused to acknowledge the fact that his Machiavellian style of leadership is totally incompatible with modern democracy.

The Federal Government under President Buhari has received over two (2) trillion Naira in revenue since it came into government, yet it has nothing to show for it. Even newly elected state governors are already commissioning projects started by their government, yet at the federal level, contractors are abandoning sites and laying off staff.

Under President Buhari, the Naira has broken a four decade record by selling N305 naira to the US$1 dollar.

Under President Buhari, the secessionist agitators are getting stronger and more popular in their demand for a divided Nigeria.

President Buhari who promised to stabilize the oil market in favour of Nigeria if elected into office has been unable to provide a solution to the daily drop of crude oil price.

Under President Buhari, the Chiboks girls are no longer a priority.

One of the principles of the Rule of Law states that ‘we must respect the outcome of a court judgment even when it is not in our interest or even when we do not like it.’ Yet, under President Buhari, the Federal Government has done otherwise in several cases.

Under President Buhari, over N500 billion Naira was approved as supplementary budget for 2015, out of which over N200 billion Naira was meant for fuel subsidy, yet fuel sold above the subsidized price for the period of November and December and subsidy was later acclaimed to have been removed in January, yet the Presidency has not explained to us what he has done with the said N200 billion Naira supplementary subsidy fund approved by the National Assembly as supplementary budget.

Under President Buhari, we are not even sure of how to fund our 2016 budget. Under President Buhari, our National Budget got stolen at the National Assembly and further investigation revealed that the Budget was actually stolen by the President’s men.

As if all these are not enough, some megalomaniac sycophantic supporters are planning a nine million man march in support of such a president come March 2016. Tell me, if this is not madness and insanity, then what is it? One US Dollar is now equivalent to 305 Naira and you are standing with Buhari. Clap for yourself all sycophants. Obviously, President Buhari deserves to be impeached, likewise his Minister of Finance and Budget office, together with the CBN governor.

The bible has made it clear that when the righteous rule, the people prosper, and the land yield good fruit. But when the TIMID AND ILLITERATE LEAD, the people will die in anguish.

Nigeria has expired and cannot be redeemed, we are waiting for the outcome.


By Uzor King Solomon