DSS Detains and Releases Fierce Buhari Critic And Blames Detention On Clerical Error

Adaobi Ube, (LinkMoment).
The Department of Sate Services (DSS) operatives detained and then releases a prominent Buhari critic, Attorney EMEKA UGWUONYE, and then blames his detention on clerical / Bureaucratic errors.
After his release, Emeka Ugwuonye wrote as follows:

“I’m okay, guys. The fact that I’m writing to you from my system should convince you. But i have gist for you. This is a fucked-up government and system. Tomorrow, I will file a fresh case against them. I will remain a thorn in the flesh of any dictatorship in this country. They ain’t seen nothing yet. I only just started. Buhari is another presidency by proxy.

Yes, they apologised and blamed the incident of last night on clerical errors between two agencies. But, who cares? There cannot be a harassment or intimidation by mistake. The fact is that this President did send a signal to all agencies of government that it is okay to pick and choose when to obey the constitution and when not to, when to trample upon rights and when to respect rights.

“In doing that, the government is assured of abundant number of citizens who are so ignorant of the meaning of liberty and human dignity such that they could be cheering any dictatorship in sight.

“Though I’m yet to give you a detailed account, may I use this opportunity to thank all of you that stood by me. I really do appreciate your support. As for those who used the opportunity to steal punches on my person and my credibility, I shall continue to pray for them and work hard to free them from the shackles of ignorance. Liberty and rights are too precious that we must default to liberty and freedom. We must not be slaves and choose silence out of fear. Cheers” – Emeka Ugwonye.

Attorney Emeka Ugwuonye criticised Buhari’s handling of IPOB Leader Nnamdi Kanu’s arrest and charges. He posted the following videos where he analyzed the case.