Election Re-Run Is Now Impossible In 2015 Abia State Gubernatorial Race – Alex Otti

Alex Otti, (LinkMoment).

Here are the prevailing Facts I have already told people; The game plan of Okezie/PDP in Abia after they rigged the gubernatorial election to subvert the will of majority of Abians is to ask Okezie to use the opportunity provided by the court proceedings to win the heart of Abians, especially in areas they encountered stiff opposition like Aba, etc.

They knew the stolen mandate will surely be reversed at last. Again, there is a difference between seeking to “STRIKE OUT” a case that has documented evidence and asking for “A RE-RUN” at the tribunal and later appeal court/supreme court. Olanipekun and PDP thought they were technically smart enough to seek for a documented evidence to be struck out by Bwalya in Umuahia which PDP hailed as sound judgement.

However, when appeal court judges called Olanipekun up to argue his case, he told them that election and re-run elections took place simultaneously in Abia and OBINGWA, OSISIOMA and ISIALANGWA on April 11th and 25th respectively in which, according to him, Okezie/PDP won.

When Olujinmi SAN (APGA) told the judges that what took place in Abia were the gubernatorial general election and SUPPLEMENTARY election. Then Olanipekun was stunned and wanted to reverse his statement, forgetting how he openly told the Umuahia tribunal that it is not permissible in law for an opponent to be allowed to present further evidence after adopting same and cannot use opponents time to present anything when the other party had opened their case. So what goes around comes around.

Therefore, Olanipekun’s documents made it clear that a re-run election already took place in which the winner was produced. We all can see that the appeal court simply did a simple mathematics after listening to arguments of both SANs by deducting invalid votes from the 3 LGAs and declared the winner based on valid votes.

In this kind of scenario, I think the supreme court looks at over-voting in the angle of “WHETHER THE VOTES FROM THE OVER-VOTING IN THE 3 LGAS ACTUALLY AFFECTED THE RESULT WHERE THE OTHER CANDIDATE WOULD HAVE BECOME THE WINNER”.

And once they establish that the invalid votes (votes from over-voting ) actually denied a petitioner as a winner they will uphold the verdict, unless it didn’t.


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