Niger Deltans Are Brave And Bold – Azibapu Lawrence

Azibapu Lawrence, (LinkMoment).

Yes, I have been vilified, castigated and accused of hating the Igbos by the Biafra agitators, sympathizers and the pros from even among my own people. Yes, I have been accused of being sentimental and emotional. Yes, I have been accused of even being subjective. Yes, I am a social actor and hard as I tried, I was unable to remove myself completely from the woods.

For, if a man who devices death for a given set of people is approved and admired by his own people, sympathizers and the pros from even among my own people as expressing love for his Igbo people then I, too, will evolve whatever crude and condemnation scattering operation without remorse to awaken the consciousness of my people to the evilness of this monster and his team.

Therefore, judge you, my beloved Niger Deltans, who actually hates who the more when the IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu, decrees this sacrilege upon you: that, the “NIGER DELTANS ARE COWARDS, WE KNOW WHAT TO DO TO THEM. AKWA IBOM, BAYELSA, CROSS RIVERS, DELTA, EDO, RIVERS STATES ARE OUR TERRITORY AND ANY BODY WHO TRIES TO OPPOSE US WILL BE CRUSHED …”?

Therefore, chose you, O’ Children of Zion, which path to your much desired freedom. Is it:
  1. To stand up for the Niger Delta Republic – the Promised Land of Peace and Possibilities? Or,
  2. To follow the path of Biafra which leads to perdition?

One Love, One Voice, One Purpose, One Destiny: THE NIGER DELTA REPUBLIC!  In God We Trust.

By Azibapu Lawrence