Nigerians React Angrily Against ‘I Stand With Buhari’ Billboard and T-Shirt Message


Many Nigerians are feeling disgusted about President Buhari’s maladministration and/or lack of direction that are responsible for the crashing of the economy which hurts the people.

Moreover, Nigerians are dismayed that Buhari and his supporters won’t stop campaigning and face the realities of governing. Consequently, they are are reacting angrily on the latest campaign stunt which Buhari supporters are spreading via Billboard and T-Shirts. Here are some of the comments below:

“This joke called Nigeria will not seize. If you are performing. You don’t need a march. This is another ‘mumu’  (stupid) march like the Abacha one million march. 9 million marching to where? What are you scared of? You are the president and will remain there till May 29, 2019 if you performed! Nigerians want performance not this joke. Whoever suggested this? Me Don Waka pass oooo,” Fidelis Duker wrote on Facebook.

No To Stand With Buhari TShirtAlso, Kimberly Ogba posted as follows:

“This is a STATEMENT or NORTHERN SOLIDARITY for Buhari that has been trending on Facebook since today (January 9, 2016). The poster is sickening.

“To my Northern friends, can you tell me specifically what Buhari have done to alleviate your poverty level.

“You are in support of a leader who does not adhere to the legal Constitution of the land.

“You are in support of a man who rather have dinner with a terrorist leader than release a freedom fighter who has not killed a chicken.

“You are standing with a man who have succeeded in marginalizing the people.

“You standing with a man who is bent on stripping his citizens of freedom of speech.

“You are standing with a man who is bent on repealing any law that will favor the middle class in the country.

“You are standing with a MURDERER. Good luck.


Fidelis Duker on I Stand With Buhari Campaign