Olisa Metuh In Handcuffs: The Goof Of The Presidency?

Jonathan Goodluck Oberia, (LinkMoment).
THE PEOPLE WILL FIGHT BACK - Olisa Metuh in handcuffs: The goof of the Presidency?

As I watched pictures of the PDP National Publicity Secretary Olisa Metuh led in handcuffs, I bled within me. I bled because I could see that beyond all this media trial, using Metuh as a scapegoat to test our anti corruption mantra has veered off track. The handcuffs worn on Metuh is not to send any signal to the world that we are fighting corruption but to Dehumanize him.

Now, I do not support corruption in any form and support death penalty for anyone found guilty but when it becomes selective, it has lost the moral right to gain support.

For heaven sake, we have not see the main culprit who turned to ATM machine, Dasuki ever led in handcuffs to the court and please I can be corrected if I erred here. Why is the ruling party All Progressive Congress (APC) engaging in media trial and even snapping pictures of Metuh in prison to send to the press? Is it to send a message to the public that we are gradually getting there?

For record purposes, Metuh is not a ‘BIG MAN’ who held big positions in government but just a bloody opposition mouthpiece who played his role like the loquacious Lai Mohammad. Is this dehumanization of him being in handcuffs the price for his constant pulling down of the government of the day? Is this to keep him off the scene so that PDP will have no active voice again? The real big men in government who ate the arms money are yet to be arrested.

He could have been taken to court without handcuffs since it’s a case that is criminal in nature but not a security threat. I have seen criminals led to court without handcuffs. I know because I have been a prisoner of government.


To let Dasuki walk without handcuffs and Metuh with handcuffs defeats the fight against corruption. Selective justice is worst than injustice itself and on this, we have failed as a people. Today it’s Metuh and tomorrow may be you and I will be here justifying it too. In case you don’t know, I have another country to run to which you may not have, when the fire starts burning. Urge them on but remember this day.

But again, what do I know? I’m just a wailer wailing for a better Nigerian and my name is F.O


By Jonathan Goodluck Oberia