Southsouth: Where Would You Be Better Off In 2050 When Your Oil Is gone?

Chinomnso Awazie, (LinkMoment).

THE SOUTH-SOUTH IN 2050. To my South South brethren, just ponder these questions:

1. Thirty seven (37) years from today, i.e 2048, Nigerian oil from known reserves would have dried up, EXCEPT new reserves are discovered. Even a two-week old puppy knows that when ‘Nigerian-Oil’ is mentioned, in essence we are talking of oil that is predominantly in the South-South. I took some courses in Petroleum Engineering that year, and the little I know are:

(a) It takes MILLIONS OF YEARS for crude oil and Natural Gas deposits to form,

(b) In the scales of human time, we can comfortably say that once the reservoir is depleted beyond economic recovery, it’s gone for ever.

So, my first question to my South-South brethren is this: Where will you be better off in 2050 when your oil is gone? In a Nigeria that your appeal is SOLELY BASED on your oil or in a Biafra that we actually need each other?

When your son ‘sacrilegiously’ became president (as he’s not from the ‘born to rule’ region), what did they do to him? Therein lies the answer of how you are viewed. That view will not change. Will your rapists find any appeal towards you once your breast (oil) is flat? Or is it better to ally with a fellow ‘brother in suffering’ to chart your own course?

This is no more a question of thinking about a distant future, it’s about thinking about less than 33 years from now. If you are 50 years now, you are still likely to be around by then at 83 years, watching the fruits of your efforts today upon yourself, children and grandchildren.

2. Why are Warri, Onne and Calabar ports still under economic subterfuge by the South-West? The capacities and development of these ports have been stubbornly pegged by official caveats and policies.

I was once overseeing the procurement services of a company that served the oil industry, an unknown name to outsiders but which most procurement personnel in Shell, Agip, NNPC, Chevron and co., would ‘vaguely’ remember because they ‘have come across it somewhere’. This company had business volume of over N800 million Naira monthly and I could track it then, never mind that I was being paid pittance. It was on this job I discovered why importers use Lagos for importation instead; it cost 1.5 to 2 times more to CLEAR an item from Onne or Warri than it is for Lagos i.e. If it takes N1 million to clear something from Lagos, it will take between N1.5 million to N2 million to clear same thing from Warri, Onne or Calabar ports.

All are ports in the South-South. My South-South brethren, have you asked yourselves WHY IS IT SO? Take a deeper look into what is going on; at Onne and Warri ports, who is in-charge of operations there?

A company called Intels. Who owns it? A Fulani man called Atiku Abubakar. Go make your findings, Intels has a STRANGLEHOLD on operations in those ports. The moment it is anything substantial, you can’t evade them no matter how you do it.

So, why have successive governments closed their eyes to the EXORBITANT COSTS OF DOING BUSINESS IN THOSE PORTS? Former President Goodluck Ebeleme Jonathan in trying not to stir the hornet left the status quo hoping to use his second tenure to ‘correct’ things. The mistake he made was not realising that the Fulani’s also figured out his intentions, and in partnership with the South-West media owners whose interests would be jeopardised if he won a second tenure and did his mind, they made it a ‘do or die’ affair to take him out, including deceiving the gullible and recruiting the greedy drama queens from those regions. It was all about regional economic protectionism but unfortunately, some people did not realise it.

3. Why are 85% of the oil in your land in the hands of Northerners? Many of these Oil Mining Leases/License (OML) and Oil Prospecting License (OPL) are set for renewal this year. While Buhari is distracting the country with Nnamdi Kanu and moonlight tales of missing trillions of dollars, they are quietly renewing these OML and OPL for themselves.

If you think the stream of entertainment to keep you and I distracted will stop anytime soon, sorry for yourself. As a corollary to the question in this paragraph, why did they have to spare no efforts to come back in the last election?

Unfortunately, the region we call ‘mugus’ knew better than us with our plenty PhD’s and grammar; they knew if they failed to strike in 2015, they were finished! These people are doing a fall binge to gather fat for the coming winter that will start in 2050.

Check out the ‪#‎BudgetOfYams‬, you see those crazy daylight robbery figures in there? They are all ending up in foreign accounts of Northern individuals, don’t argue. Na who wan chop am before? Yes, they are making their hay while the oil sun is still shinning!

My dear South Southerners, the time to determine your future is TODAY! Of a truth, on this matter, DELAY IS DANGEROUS!


By Chinomnso Awazie