When The North Was Busy Sharing Oil Blocs, Niger Delta Were Busy Fighting Igbos

Patrick Obinna Ezugwu, (LinkMoment).

Leave the Niger Deltans alone, many of them don’t have the capacity for strong reasoning. The average Northerner uses them like rags. Simple antics by them and they fall like morons. Make no mistake, I am not even in support of Biafra, I am for true federalism, an arrangement that would allow everyone control what they have and develop at their own pace and pay tax to the federal.

For as long as I remember, that has also been the position of the Igbo political class. But can you tell me those who have mostly opposed it? Those who are still deceiving them because of their lack the capacity to reason. Some even say they want Niger Delta Republic, but the only time they mention it is when Biafra is mentioned.

Their friends in the North will tell them that Igbo want to dominate them or are after their oil, which is just stupid for any person with proper sense. As it is, 85 percent of oil wells in their place belong to the North and South West and these are the people who easily tell them that Igbo want their oil.

They fight the Igbo to protect the oil which they don’t even have, and believe me, without the support of the Igbo, even the 13 percent derivation they enjoy now would have been elusive. But even more importantly, they should be reminded that oil is now a bygone commodity, its price has crashed forever because as soon as it gets beyond $45 per barrel, the US will flood the market with Shale oil.

Therefore, the only thing that can save the Eastern region is the opening up of the area for trade and commerce by opening up the ports. Lagos is richer than most geopolitical zones today mainly because of the ports, and as it is, because of their little mindedness, you often object when Igbo business men push for the opening of the ports in the East because some stupidly think they are their enemies.

Come to Lagos and see what is happening, little mind will always kill some of them. Look at Goodluck Jonathan, one of the best presidents the country has ever had but the most humiliated and vilified by far. Why? Because they know he is from a place where nobody can stand up for him. Past presidents become elder statesmen and remain very relevant in the polity, but he is gradually being reduced to nothing.

Most of the things he did and was vilified, Buhari does them now and nobody talks. Other past leaders are enjoying their loot, but Jonathan who obviously did not even steal as they did has become the only thief, even when the money comes from his place. For those who were part of the Eastern Region then, I know some Igbo politicians played lopsided politics in the first republic which alienated the South South, especially the Eyo Ita saga, and its understandable why many opposed Biafra. But it is completely stupid to believe that the politics of the then Eastern Region was the Igbo against the minority, far from it, it was the few greedy Igbo political class and certain groups against the weaker groups of the region.

There were so many areas in today’s South East that suffered more neglect than the Ijaw, Efik and other groups then. But the truth is, today’s society has grown beyond that kind of thing. I read some of the lies being fabricated against the Igbo with regards to the civil war, which are indeed silly. Coming to the Adaka Boro era, he was imprisoned by Ironsi who was part of this oppressive clique at the time, he would have done the same thing to an Abakiliki man if he had the opportunity.

Even the more important thing here is, who eventually killed him? He was used to fight the Igbo, and when he succeeded, he was also killed by those who used him because they didn’t feel comfortable with his initial independence struggles. Fast forward, who killed Ken Saro Wiwa and for what? Who killed Alfred Dikibo, Obi Wali, Harry Marshall, Alfred Rewane, who committed genocide in Odii, Bayelsa, and for what?

It is them that will continue to suffer the more if things remain like this. And for their Niger Delta Republic, I wonder how they intend to drive away the Igbo people there. Even if they do, leave them, the Urhobo would always be against the Ijaw, the Efik versus Anang, Ogoni and Ibibio and so on.

It happened during Jonathan’s time, the Itshekiri were accusing him of favouring the Ijaw. But no one is talking about Buhari favouring the North now. When the North was busy sharing oil blocs they were busy fighting inter tribal wars, engaging in chieftancy disputes, etc. That’s how you know little minded people.

The Niger Delta has the third and fourth largest ethnic groups and yet they are a minority. Their greatest enemies are themselves. If you want to struggle for independence, do it alone. But personally, I believe true federalism is what we need, not Biafra. Fight instead for true federalism. As for the Niger Delta, leave them to chose what they want.


By Patrick Obinna Ezugwu