Four Blind Men Question Buhari’s Change Administration In A stunning Song



“You might call them beggars but they are not, though they are blind. I call them entertainers, even at our worst we always remain hard working. Very talented and well organized singers/entertainers” – Emeka Gift.


English Translation of Lyrics

Tomorrow he would travel to China,

From China he would go to Cameroon,

From Cameroon the last trip was Iran,

Maybe next week, we would be told he has gone to Iraq,

From Iraq to Kuwait,

Because they said we are in (mBuhari) turning things around,

Where they are just turning us around,

Now one Litre of fuel is N150, and some are paying N200 per litre,

$1 is now exchanged for N240,

Later they would tell us that we in CHANGE,

This kind of CHANGE is very hot,

This kind of CHANGE cracks/breaks the mouth,

Check it very well,

Since this administration started,

All they say is that we are conducting investigation,

They allege, this person ate (embezzled) N4 billion naira,

This other person ate (embezzed) N2 billion naira,

The other person embezzled N100 million,

All the so called embezzlement sounds in bi bi billion,

Is there any one who embezzled in millions,

These people ate too much,

While they continue the investigation,

Hunger is taking us to great beyond,

Hunger will swallow us,

My brethren it is very scary,

Check it very well 000,

Have we not gotten new ministers,

We agreed, we agreed ooo

But we have one question,

Did he not say he needed people with clean hands (honest people),

Did he not say he needed people with clean hands (honest people),

But if you look at very well, there are those who have dirty hands (corrupt people),

There are at least two people we know very well,

They have dirty hands (they are corrupt),

My brethren it is scary ooooo,

Do you want me to mention names,


If there is any person around with video camera, then I will not mention any name,

Do you want me to mention names,


The first person is Odogwu mbamiri (a prominent person/Chief from the Rivers area),

Chichichichi, chisie ya bu ike,

I know where I stopped ooo in the name,

The second person is a Odogwu ofenmanu (a prominent person/Chief from the Yoruba land),

Doooo tiiii laaa soooo Faaaaaaaaaa,

I know where to stopped in the name …..